The 69 Netflix releases for May 2022: Stranger Things and new series and movies

Always the most prolific in terms of monthly VOD releases, Netflix starts a new month today with 4 weeks ahead of news. And this May 2022 we will have up to 69 new content between series, movies and documentaries, including the return of one of the most anticipated series and one that has contributed the most to Netflix reaching a prominent position in the panorama of on-demand services.

And it is that this month of May finally returns after three years Stranger Things with its fourth season. With a cast that has left childhood behind and are now teenagers, the protagonists of Stranger Things have seen how their paths have divided, some going to study abroad and others still in town. But everyone will have to face an enemy whose origin goes back many years.

Another one that comes back is Love, Death + Robots con un volumen 3 also highly anticipated. David Fincher and Tim Miller’s animated series keeps its plots and stories secret, but it already has a trailer that brings us back that compilation of stories that span different genres, from science fiction to horror and comedy.

In cinema we have Bill and Ted save the universe, a belated third installment made 30 years after the previous one in which Bill and Ted return with their absurd 90s sense of humor intact, only a little older and turned into parents. Pure nostalgic homage to the previous two Bill & Ted and their time, the current post-Matrix and post-John Wick Keanu Reeves was delighted to be Ted again with his partner Alex Winter.

Y Hallowen, the veteran slasher saga started by the eponymous installment by John Carpenter that has continued to have installments and reboots to this day. In 2018, and counting again on Jamie Lee Curtis -scream queen par excellence-, the original 1978 Halloween had a sequel that has revitalized the saga and that Netflix brings this May.

Also we have Welcome to Eden. Season 1. Friday the 6th: Young people attend an exclusive party on a remote island. But the tempting paradise they find hides very dangerous secrets and traps. The empire of ostentation. Season 1. Friday the 13th: Some (really) rich and partying Asian and Asian-American friends from Los Angeles take the parties, glamor and drama to maximum power in this reality show.

Lincoln’s Lawyer. Season 1 – Friday the 13th – After an accident, famed Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller restarts his career (and his branded car) when he takes on a murder case. Thar. Friday the 6th: A veteran cop gets a chance to prove himself when a murder and macabre plot of torture rock a sleepy desert town.

incompatible 2. Friday the 6th: Ten years after their last meeting, two very different police officers must work together to investigate a murder in a French city and uncover a conspiracy.. back to school. Friday the 13th: A failed stunt caused him to spend 20 years in a coma. Now, this cheerleader is 37, she has woken up and wants to fulfill her dream: to be the high school prom queen.

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Welcome to Eden: A series with beautiful people in a cast led by Amaia Salamanca, and with a plot that seems like an Instagrammer’s worst nightmare, in which five handsome and attractive influencers go to a mega-exclusive party organized by a drink brand organized in a secret island. What they will experience there will change their lives, and will make them see that paradise is not so beautiful and attractive, if they manage to leave.

Fuck love…again. Friday the 20th: In this romantic comedy, several friends with unsuccessful love lives try to help each other… but things don’t always work out for them. Christina P: Mom Genes. Sunday 8: In this special, comedian Christina P examines the ups and downs of being a mother, having a partner and much more from her typically Gen X pragmatic point of view. Larva: the pendant. Wednesday 25: sequel to ‘Larva: Adventures on the island’ and ‘Larva: Adventures on the island – The movie’, the new installment shows the adventures of friends Red and Yellow in the city.

Series Netflix mayo 2022

All Netflix series in May

1 mayo


4 mayo

The Outcast, Season 5

Three Meters Above Heaven – The Series, Season 3

5 mayo


El Pentavirato

Blood Sisters

6 mayo

welcome to eden

the sound of magic

11 mayo

42 days in the dark

13 mayo

The Lincoln Lawyer

New goals

16 mayo

A vampire in the garden

17 mayo

Future Diary Season 2

18 mayo

Who Killed Sara? Season 3

20 mayo

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 3

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23 mayo

Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045, temporada 3

27 mayo

Stranger Things, temporada 4

Netflix Movies May 2022

1 mayo

Bill and Ted save the universe

Brokeback Mountain

In the name of the Father

The Sun Is also a Star

3 mayo

We married? Yes my love

Showtime, 1958

6 mayo


let yourself go


incompatible 2

7 mayo

Haunting at the Rectory

The Amityville Theater

Bunker Project 12

Pirate Hunting


Show Dancer

Conjuring the Dead

Theater of Fear aka Midnight Horror Show

The Last House on Cemetery Lane

8 mayo


9 mayo

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Guerra sostenible

captive nation

11 mayo

the escape master

13 mayo

back to school

14 mayo

Curse of the Witching Tree

the time of the monsters


Anne by day

16 mayo


The Game

18 mayo

in tuscany

19 mayo

such for which

20 mayo

The perfect family

Jackass 4.5

Documentaries and Netflix Specials May 2022

1 mayo

Adolf Eichmann’s trial

3 mayo

Hold your breath – Dive under the ice

4 mayo

The Circle, temporada 4

Nuclear accident

5 mayo

little savages

7 mayo

Elon Musk – The Real Life Iron Man

I’m in Love with My Car

You Will Not Have My Hate

Själö – Island of Souls

Leaving Africa


Wood Industry – A Business Against Nature

8 mayo

Christina P – Mom Genes

11 mayo

Our father

13 mayo

The empire of ostentation, season 2

18 mayo

cyber hell The investigation that uncovered the horror

19 mayo

The Photographer and the Postman (The Crime of Cabezas)

Insiders Season 2