Magaly organized a luxurious party to celebrate the 50 years of Alfredo Zambrano

Through her official Instagram account, Magaly Medina shared with her followers photos and videos in which she showed the details of the party she organized to surprise her husband Alfredo Zambrano, who turned 50 on Saturday, April 30.

“Today is celebrated”indicated Magaly Medina in a clip where you can see how she decorated the environment to receive her guests. “My husband’s 50 are celebrated”was the message that he added in other images where the cake and the snacks are seen.

In another video, Magaly appears with her husband, whom she asks if he liked the surprise. “How about? Like?”asks the journalist. “Pretty everything, my love”, the notary replied. “And that more surprises are coming”, Magaly Medina warned.

Finally, the surprise of the night was the presence of Eva Ayllón to liven up the event with her classic songs, and also with the popular “Happy Birthday”. In addition, the artist performed some songs with Zambrano.

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“With the teacher!”, exclaimed Magaly Medina after Eva Ayllón’s presentation. “Celebrating the birthday”, said the artist. “Eva, thanks for being the best birthday surprise for my husband”, thanked the host of “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

Magaly Medina enjoys first class with her husband Alfredo Zambrano. (instagram)