You can now ask Google to remove your address and phone number

Internet privacy is a big problem today. There are places on the Internet that are capable of telling all users all the personal data such as where you live, full name, telephone number… these are sensitive data that not everyone can have, much less putting your name on Google. Therefore, the Mountain View will let you request the removal of some of your personal data if it appears in search results.

Your data will not appear on Google

This is one of the things that many users worry about on a daily basis. And it is that with all the commotion with data protection it is normal that many have fled even from the Internet. And it is that your passage through the Internet is measured click by click and all the data you offer can be consulted by anyone or almost depending on where you hang them.

But where many do not want to appear even remotely is in Google. Yes, it is the Internet site where you can find everything you need, but the truth is that appearing in the famous search engine means that anyone can find you. However, the appearance of your data is something much more serious and you may not want any of it to show up.

If this is your case, we have to tell you that your pleas have been heard. It turns out that the American company has decided that anyone can request that their data not appear in the search engine. As simple as making a simple request.

The company has published in its blog that “The availability of personal contact information online can be jarring, and can be used in harmful ways, including for direct unwanted contact or even physical harm. And people have told us that they would like the ability to remove this type of information from Search in some cases.”

The company has said that it will study each case to see under what conditions that user data can be removed.

Removing data from Google is not removing it from the Internet

One thing that must be clear and that the signature itself indicates is that Removing your data from Google does not mean removing it from the Network. This is important, because the data you have generated will be exposed forever, especially since you have used services that indicated it.

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