Mother’s Day 2022: GIFS, stickers and images to congratulate on WhatsApp

A mother is simply a being of light. She is the one who brings us into this world, takes care of us, raises, educates, endures, supports and loves. And unfortunately, we only have one and sometimes for a short time. Therefore, the ideal would be to tell them how special they are every day. And today, May 1, even more so because her day is celebrated: Mother’s Day.

And if you have a mother to congratulate and for whatever reason you can’t do it in person, try doing it on WhatsApp with some of these images, GIFs and others to give it an affectionate and fun touch:

Apps, images and stickers

Apps with images and phrases for May 1

There are literally dozens (and hundreds) of applications to celebrate this May 2 in the app stores, for example:

  • Happy Mother’s Day – Phrases, Images and Gifts for Mom is a free app with beautiful phrases, images and gifts for mom.
  • Video for Mother’s DayThis app allows you to create a Mother’s Day photo slideshow video, and add all kinds of frames, texts, effects, music and themes.
  • card framesIdeal app to create a Mother’s Day card with the message you want, and add frames, collage effects, etc. Once you have it, it allows you to download, print or share your postcards via WhatsApp and other social networks.
  • Stickers for Mother’s Day – Sometimes a simple sticker can say more than the most elaborate video. This app has stickers to congratulate your mother and also in several languages. And once you install the pack on WhatsApp, you won’t have to open the app every time you want to send another sticker.
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And hundreds more, so we leave you the search selection of the Google Play Store so you can look one by one and select which one you want to download and use:

Mother’s Day apps to download on Android phones

You can also use one of these image retouching apps and websites to turn a special photo into a work of art.

GIFs and Stickers for Mother’s Day

Nothing better than an animated gif with a quote to review what this day means. To do this, you can open the WhatsApp GIF search engine and use the thousands that exist, but we offer you an application that you can download separately and access an updated list focused specifically on Mother’s Day. We are talking about the Giphy app, the world’s largest library of GIF files, stickers and memes.

Just download and install –you don’t have to think about it-, open the search engine and put Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day and you will have hundreds of GIFS there to upload to your networks, to WhatsApp, along with Stories and others.

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Download Giphy for Android

Download Giphy for iOS

Notify by WhatsApp that it is Mother’s Day

With the function of Mailing lists, you can send a message to multiple contacts. A Broadcast List is a list of recipients that is saved. When you use this list, you can re-broadcast a message to the same recipients without having to select them one by one again. And in the case of a day like today, if you are several siblings and someone has forgotten, you can remind them all at once.

How to create a Broadcast List

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the screen of Chats > Menu button > New broadcast.
  3. Write the names of your contacts or press the + button to select from your contact list.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Tap Create. This process will create a new list of recipients for broadcasts.
  6. When you send a message to the broadcast list, it will be sent to all the contacts on the list. Recipients will receive the message as if it were an individual message. When they reply to the message, it will also appear as an individual message on your Chat screenyes; your responses will not be sent to the other recipients on the list. Only contacts who have your number saved in their phone’s address book will receive your broadcast messages.
  7. If one of your contacts is not receiving your broadcast messages, check that they have your number saved in their phone’s contact book.
  8. Broadcast Lists are a system for sending a single message to multiple recipients. If you want recipients to be able to exchange messages, create a group chat
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How to edit a Broadcast List

  1. Open the Broadcast List.
  2. Press the button Menu > Broadcast list.
  3. On the Broadcast List information screen, you have 3 options
  4. Option 1: Press the icon edit to rename from the broadcast list.
  5. Option 2: Press the button Add recipient...
  6. Option 3: Touch and hold a recipient’s name to selectr Delete to (recipient) from the broadcast list.

How to delete a Broadcast List

  1. Hold down the broadcast list that you want to delete.
  2. press Delete broadcast list.
  3. press Remove.