“The Voice All Stars”: who has the most chances of winning the final?

They hammer home that competition between them does not exist. However, only one talent will leave with the trophy of “The Voice All Stars” this Saturday, October 23, at the end of a final that we imagine already very hotly contested. Because this anniversary season, which marks the 10 years of the show, sees six artists with singular voices clash during its final bonus.

Voices as different as they are complementary. Who will be the winner of Anne Sila, MB14, Manon (Florent Pagny team), Amalya (Jenifer team), Terence (Mika team) or Louis Delort (Patrick Fiori team)? We tried to make our predictions, percentages in total not very mathematical to the key.

La favorite : Anne Sila

She flew over her trio of the semi-final with 78% of the votes, a score that would make all politicians green with envy. The one her coach describes as “prodigy” flew over this season all stars with insolent ease, combining the crystalline softness of its timbre with the power of its chest on perfect interpretations. Its weak point? Perhaps the lack of risk-taking in his choice of songs, rather classic. What if she surprised everyone in the final?

His chances of winning: 78%, for the symbol.

The surprise: MB14

It does what no other of its competitors does. Play with his voice in multiple ways, like the number that constitutes his stage name. MB14 sings as well as he raps, wielding words with impressive dexterity and offering completely new versions of cult pieces that have often been thought to be immovable. In the semifinals, he has already collected more votes than the other public darling Louis Delort within the same trio. And should we remember that only Slimane did better than him in the season 5 finale?

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His chances of winning: 70%.

The youngest: Manon

She is the only representative of the kids edition in the final. And it’s an understatement to say that his performance in the semifinals impressed. By singing powerfully “I come from the South”, the 18-year-old Marseillaise touched the hearts of viewers who preferred her to showman Anthony Touma and the bewitching Demi Mondaine. Like Dominique Magloire eliminated last week and Amalya, the name of the show seems to have been made for her. A great voice, in the tradition of Lara Fabian, which the French public loves. Enough to allow the young hairdresser to style all her competitors at the pole.

His odds of winning: 35%.

The Conqueror: Amalya

Some Internet users criticized him for speaking too much. But it is precisely its commitment that gives even more strength to its services. Amalya repeats it: she did not come to “The Voice All Stars” to win but “to pass messages”. She sang for artists in the midst of a renaissance after culture was shut down due to the pandemic, she sang for the planet. No doubt she should also choose to highlight a subject close to her heart in the final. A magical combo with his golden voice to allow him to offer the trophy to his coach Jenifer?

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His chances of winning: 40%.

L’outsider : Terence

He is the last to have been selected at the end of the trios. A surprise for him to believe his face at the announcement of his name. Semi-finalist of season 9, Terence moved with a dark version of “I will always love you”. An impeccable interpretation for the Franco-Scottish who wanted “break his image of Blond by Gad Elmaleh”. Arrived on tiptoe, the shy fellow has gained self-confidence and is ready to win without being really expected. His victory would be all the more unprecedented as it would be without his coach Mika, in concert at that time.

His chances of winning: 35%.

The miraculous: Louis Delort

The final, he thought he did not see it. Drafted by the public at the very end of the show from among the last ten semi-finalists, Louis Delort had proof that viewers had not forgotten him. His almost hoarse voice is never as highlighted as when he accompanies himself on the piano before letting go of the beasts. This is exactly what he will do on Saturday in the final, which will also mark his reunion with his very first coach Garou. A meeting that we hope will also be musical around a duet … and why not the trophy that escaped them ten years ago.

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His chances of winning: 60%.

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