This is your HOROSCOPE for May 1: Check the zodiacal predictions of all the zodiac signs

Horoscope today

You must show yourself more dialogic with your partner. You know that she gives more thought to the questions that you have clear at a glance, but that does not give you the right to impose yourself by force. It is better to talk for five minutes and avoid fights for days.

Today you are going to have a lot of fun with your partner and you are going to be lucky in everything you do together. Do not risk new projects without their advice, today you are an indissoluble nucleus that does not give good results if it disassociates. A valuable item will appear to you.

You need to solve some complex situations in your life to be able to enjoy those sentimental moments that you have at your fingertips, but that have not yet arrived. You will realize this and you will get down to work today.

Financial troubles are coming your way. You have to save for a project that is becoming more and more firm, but your partner asks you to make a romantic getaway for several days to renew your love. The first is the first.

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Day to clarify yourself in the workplace, even if you need to punch the table to make yourself heard in principle, do not hesitate because everyone will understand your situation, and you can even count on some unexpected ally.

You will feel sensuality and emotions more intensely. You will grant yourself some other pleasure, even if it is only eating what you want and in the amount you want. Your physical sensations will intensify and you will notice greater agility and energy than usual.

Your things enter a waiting period; there are decisions that do not depend on your actions, so it is better to wait and see when the time comes to take action. Take the opportunity to enjoy your leisure time.

Your willingness to help others and your willingness to change your plans for other people will work perfectly today, because it will not cost you any extra effort. Those around you will take advantage of your hot streak.

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