Guillaume Canet responds to rumors of infidelity in his relationship

Guillaume Canet’s next film, called “Him”, will be released on October 27 in cinemas. The feature film tells the story of a composer who struggles to find inspiration and goes to isolate himself on a Breton island. There, he then sees his relatives appear throughout the plot, including his wife played by Virginie Efira and his mistress played by Laetitia Casta. If many elements of the scenario are inspired by the life of Guillaume Canet, infidelity is not. The latter had already explained in an interview for “Paris Match”: “Marion obviously knows that I have no mistress. Unlike my character, I have always been unable to love two women at the same time. The two actors met in 2002 on the set of the film “Children’s Games”, and got together five years later. Despite the passage of time, they are still fusional. Marion Cotillard also participated in the production of “Lui” alongside Guillaume Canet, as artistic advisor. Still, rumors persist.

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” It’s a film ! I’m telling a story ”

Invited on the set of “Daily”, this Wednesday, October 20, the companion of Marion Cotillard was questioned about the rumors of deception and his way of handling this kind of interpretation. The director then recalls that the film is a fictional work and not an autobiographical story. “There is a part of fiction, there is a part of reality. Obviously, you can imagine that if this infidelity were true, I wouldn’t make a movie of it that easy. It’s a film. I’m telling a story, ”he explains. Ironically on the situation, he adds: “Afterwards, if people want to have fantasies and say to themselves that” this is the life of Guillaume Canet, he is like that! ” It’s good, it excites fantasies. Get excited! “