This is how Aneliz Aguilar responded to the teasing of her brother Leonardo for her change of look

Members of the Aguilar clan are celebrities on and off stage, and that includes anelizthe daughter of Pepe Aguilar who did not opt ​​for music but for fashion. The older sister of Ángela Aguilar, the Mexican interpreter of the moment, recently underwent a change of look, the same one that she exhibited on her social networks, where she is considered a true influencer and a benchmark of fashionism. However, that did not matter to her brother Leonardo, the other singer in the family, who played a joke on him that turned Aneliz on.

Pepe Aguilar has three children from his marriage to Aneliz Álvarez: Aneliz, 24; Leonard, 22; and Ángela, 18. The last two dedicated themselves to music like their father, while the eldest has dedicated herself to fashion issues; However, the three are celebrities through social networks, for this reason each publication, comment or like of one of them does not go unnoticed by their fans.

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And now that Aneliz changed her look, both Ángela and Leonardo reacted to their sister’s publication on Instagram. While the singer of “There where they see me” showed her approval with a like, her brother went beyond her and left her a comment that did not go unnoticed.

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Aneliz, who recently had a birthday, shocked her followers with the change in the color of her hair, because she went from having a dark brown hair to an ash blonde with which she highlighted her beauty. Something that his brother Leonardo did not agree with.

“It’s a filter”was the comment written by the singer-songwriter, who in recent days has given his full support to Ángela after seeing himself in the eye of criticism and comments for his relationship with Gussy Lau, a composer who has been working with the Aguilar family since a year ago.

The eldest of the children of Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Álvarez did not stay still before the mocking comment of his younger brother and replied: “Shut up, don’t lie”.

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The joke that his brother Leonardo played on him did not go unnoticed (Photo: Aneliz Aguilar / Instagram)
The joke that his brother Leonardo played on him did not go unnoticed (Photo: Aneliz Aguilar / Instagram)


The Aguilar family does not stop producing. Pepe Aguilar, the father, has been setting an example with all the presentations that he has been making since the beginning of the year and a few weeks ago he finalized a project that he already had in mind for some time: to create a band from Sinaloa.

Together with Luciano Luna, who will be the main composer of the group, Pepe Aguilar announced the creation of Águila Real, who has also released his first single. To hear it and learn more about this new band, ENTER HERE.