At the age of 54, the “Czar of football” Mino Raiola died

Finally, Mino Raiola, the soccer manager known as “The czar of football” died at 54. During the week, there was speculation about his death, but the information was denied from the representative’s account. However, this Saturday morning the businessman’s family confirmed the news.

With infinite pain, we inform that the best soccer manager that has ever existed passed away “, indicates the statement. And adds: “Mino fought until the end with the same force that he did in the negotiations to defend our players. As always, he made us proud.”

On the other hand, the family of Mino Raiola appreciated the messages of affection and asked for privacy and respect at this time. “It’s a great moment of sorrow”ends the statement.

Carmine Raiola, or “Mino Raiola” as he was known in the soccer world, was a representative of elite players. Born in Italy in 1967 worked together with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Erling Haaland and Romelu Lukaku among several other famous athletes.

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Although he was born in southern Italy, his parents emigrated to the Netherlands and it was there that Raiola grew up. Once settled, his father founded a pizzeria where he worked preparing the pizza dough and serving customers.

As a young man he came to play in the city’s local team, HFC Haarlem, where the family settled but soon understood that his destiny would not be on the field but outside of it. In fact, at the age of 19 he offered to be the sports director of the club and thus he entered the managerial part of football.

That was how he managed to get a young Dutch striker to go to Inter Milan for a large sum of money. It was about Dennis Bergkampcataloged as one of the best “Ten” in history and with whom Raiola began to create his fortune.

The death of Mino Raiola generated controversy. In the week, The Gazzetta dello Sport announced his death. However, from the manager’s own account they indicated that this news was false.

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“I went through a routine medical checkup that required anesthesia. Everything went as planned and no emergency surgery was necessary,” Raiola said on Twitter. And she added: “My current health status for those who ask is angry. It is the second time in four months that they kill me “.

The message seemed to be written by the manager himself. However, now there is speculation that a family member or close friend may have written it. from the environment, They did not give more explanations than the statement, so there are no certainties about what happened these days.

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