7 hours a day of digital leisure, the average consumption of young people

Access to the Internet through a mobile device has opened the possibilities of all users in the world to a more personalized entertainment. Everyone can choose and above all find everything they need to entertain themselves for as long as they want. This happens in all age ranges, but many are concerned about the use that younger people give to technology. And it is that a recent study in Spain confirms that young people consume nothing less than 7 hours a day of digital leisure.

Young people spend 7 hours a day using technology

We are used to talking about the latest technology, everything that happens on the networks and new ways to take advantage of it. But sometimes it is worth stopping along the way, looking back and seeing what we are achieving with all these advances. And it is that youth is one of the segments of greatest interest to society since they show what can happen in the future.

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According to a study conducted by the Queen Sofia Center on adolescence and youth which he has called ‘Consume, create, play. Overview of youth digital leisure”, reveals that Spanish youth consume a total of almost 7 hours a day with digital entertainment. This encompasses all the expressions of leisure that can be done in the digital world, such as reading ebooks, video games, use of social networks or listening to streaming music, among others.

A post-pandemic analysis

It should be noted that this study, in which 1,200 samples have been taken from young people between 15 and 29 years old during the period from September to October 2021. At that time we were coming out of a pandemic in which the use of technology skyrocketed notably. In fact, it is said that one percent try to carve out a future in this field as an influencer.

If we take into account the data, young people have access to this entertainment through nothing less than 4 devices between smartphones, tablets or video consoles. Of all of them, the mobile is the favorite of the vast majority. In terms of consumption, what is most used are messaging and information apps (84.1%), information (83.6%), entertainment

Another thing that also draws attention is the content preferences between the sexes. And it is that women prefer cinema and series services in addition to the use of social networks, while men pay to consume content through a video console and use live multimedia content such as YouTube or Twitch.