007 Bond on Amazon Prime Video: No Time to Die and more premieres for May 2022

Didn’t you get to see Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond in the cinema? Well, if you have Amazon Prime Video, you don’t even have to rent it anymore, since Amazon’s VOD platform premieres it this May for all its subscribers.

Not only No Time to Die, the premiere of more weight this month without a doubt between the VOD platforms and Craig’s swan song in the saga (at least the second, since Spectra was supposed to be the last), will come to Prime Video, if not all those that precede the character of James Bond, since from 007 against Doctor No to No Time to Die will be available for those who want to review the complete Bond saga, pure history of commercial cinema and a franchise with 60 years behind it and that is still active.

From Italy comes the series Bang Bang Baby, a crime drama set in 1986. Alice is sixteen years old and lives in a small town in northern Italy. Her teenage life changes abruptly when she discovers that her father, whom she thought was dead, is still alive. For Alice, it is the beginning of a descent into hell, and out of love for her father, she immerses herself fully in the dangerous world of the mafia and is seduced by the charm that comes with crime.

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Also the The Wilds season 2: Survival will hang in the balance for this group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island after the incredible discovery that what is happening to them is a complex social experiment. This season increases the drama and maintains the intrigue, with the introduction of more study subjects, with another island of adolescent boys, who must also fight for survival under the watchful eye of who pulls the strings of the experiment’s puppets.

Y Lola Indigo. The girl: Lola Indigo has one of the most important appointments of her career ahead of her. For any artist, without a doubt, a concert that would be the definitive step in achieving a dream: to be a music star. But Lola Indigo is not just any artist. Behind that mass idol figure hides Mimi, a woman determined to leave her mark since she was a child and who likes to face her career in a different way, giving importance to the things that truly deserve it.

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Returns LOL: If you laugh, you lose, the second season will once again bring together the best masters of monologues, imitations, humor and improvisation. The contestants in this installment will be Anabel Alonso, Henar Álvarez, Juan Amodeo, Carlos Areces, Lorena Castell, Patricia Conde, Antón Lofer, Luis Piedrahita, JJ Vaquero and Yolanda Ramos, who will return as a contestant with the challenge of surpassing herself after her brief but hilarious participation in the first season of the program.

Besides, Bad Boys for Life, late but great third installment of the saga born in the 90s as the first actioner directed by Michael Bay -and whose fourth installment is underway but delayed after Will Smith at the Oscars. The Addams Family 2: the great escape, sequel to the first CGI animated film based on the iconic characters of Charles Addams -and which will have a live-action series on Netflix directed by none other than Tim Burton.

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And for fans of Alex de la Iglesia, how his latest madness was made: the slasher Veneciafrenia in Blood in the canals: the making of of Veneciafrenia.

Amazon Prime Video series, movies and documentaries for May 2022

1 mayo

no time to die

James Bond Cycle

6 mayo

The Wilds, temporada 2

Bosch: Legacy

8 mayo

Bad Boys for Life

The Addams Family 2: The Great Escape

13 mayo

Lola Indigo. The girl

Missing Season 2


Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls

The Kids in the Hall

19 mayo

Bang Bang Baby


Trolls World Tour


20 mayo

LOL: If you laugh, you lose season 2

Night Sky