All Filmin premieres in May 2022: Noah’s creepy Irreversible returns

The favorite VOD platform for indie film lovers and those from other borders and countries that are not Hollywood comes with several major premieres this May, including the ‘straight cut’ of Irreversible, one of the hardest films to watch in existence and that is now being released with all its scenes in chronological order -in the original it was the other way around, it started at the end of the film and ended at the beginning.

Controversial at its premiere in 2022, 20 years later and in the middle of the #MeToo era, the unbearable 9-minute rape scene of Monica Belluci’s character in the still-shot film continues to impress with its tremendous and overwhelming realism. And in an era when movies are afraid to surpass PG-13, the scene of the man with the skull being smashed with a fire extinguisher (also a fixed shot), turns stomachs at the effectiveness of its staging.

Apology for shock value or so realistic that it is uncomfortable to see? The viewer decides, as always happens with Noé.

Series Filmin May 2022

3 mayo

Brassic, Season 3

New batch of 8 episodes of Filmin’s naughtiest series. Vinnie gets out of jail, but he’ll have the police tracking him down. Will he be able to behave like an exemplary citizen this time?

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10 mayo

The accusation

German miniseries written by Ferdinand von Schirach (“Enemies”) and based on a controversial case of pederasty in the city of Worms in the mid-90s. A profound reflection on the presumption of innocence that won two awards at the prestigious CanneSeries festival

17 mayo

The time of happiness, season 2

Oil and wealth in Norway in the second season of this hit from Filmin, which is now set in the late 1970s and deals with safety and accidents in the North Sea.

24 mayo


Sophisticated Israeli crime thriller that reveals the dark underworld that simmers under the facade of the police. Best Drama Series at the Israel Television Academy Awards.

27 mayo

Filmin Music Fest 2022

The great stars of rock history, in the broadest sense of the term, come together in the impressive line-up of Filmin Music Fest 2022, a program of concerts and musical documentaries with exceptional image and sound quality. Very soon we will let you know the names.

31 mayo

Parliament, season 2

Here are the ten new episodes of the adventures of Sammy, the lackadaisical assistant of the European Parliament, in the comedy that brings out the shame of community politics.

Movies Filmin May 2022

6 mayo

the honest spy

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Understated German thriller based on true events and inspired by the life of Werner Teske, the last man executed in the former East Germany in 1981.

13 mayo


Manuela Vellés took advantage of her second pregnancy to shoot with her partner, the director Ibon Cormenzana, this controversial film about an unwanted pregnancy that will not leave anyone indifferent. The actress faces a shocking interpretive tour de force in a role that smells of awards.

20 mayo

the story of my wife

Ildikó Enyedi (“In body and soul”), directs this adaptation of the homonymous novel by Milan Fust. A classic drama starring Léa Seydoux and Louis Garrel.

Irreversible, integral version

During the 76th Venice Film Festival, the director of “Climax” premiered the “Straight Cut” version of his most popular work, “Irreversible”, in which the events that take place in the original film, starring Monica, are narrated in order Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel.

27 mayo


Prison drama filmed in a real prison that gives us a vibrant acting duel between Toni Servillo (“The Great Beauty”) and Silvio Orlando (“The Young Pope”).

a restless love

Joachim Lafosse (“Losing reason”) competed in Cannes with this drama about bipolar disorder and the consequences it has for those who suffer from it and those around them.

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Documentaries Filmin May 2022

4 mayo

100 days with Tata

The former UPA Dance and winner of MasterChef Celebrity, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, offers us a touching portrait of the relationship that unites him with his Tata, the person who has cared for him all his life.

6 mayo

Jane por Charlotte

Charlotte Gainsbourg makes her directorial debut with this portrait of her mother, Jane Birkin, and their relationship, which has never been as warm as they both would have liked.

13 mayo


Andrea Arnold (“Fish Tank”) signs this documentary along the lines of “Gunda” about the life of a cow. It competed at the Cannes Festival and won the award for Best Editing at the Seville Festival.

20 mayo


From a very young age, Val Kilmer dedicated himself to recording his life. Now, thanks to all those home videos, we are privileged witnesses to the rise and fall of the great Hollywood myth of the 80s and 90s, whose career and personal life have been hit by throat cancer.

The case

Shocking documentary about the lawyer Maria Eismont that portrays how some fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of assembly or political activism, are a chimera in Putin’s Russia.