Final Fantasy XVI: What do we know about the new installment of the saga?

Final Fantasy XVI is in the final phase of its development, but Square Enix has not yet presented any news about its long-awaited RPG. In a message posted on social media in late 2021, producer Naoki Yoshida assured that the next big announcement is planned for spring, as production has been delayed due to the coronavirus crisis. Next we will summarize everything that is known about the video game.

When does it come out and on what platforms?

When Final Fantasy XVI was announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, some confusion reigned. In the trailer they showed the PC logo appeared, but later it was removed. A Square Enix representative told IGN and that they had “no further information” on whether the game was going to be released “on other platforms” besides Sony’s next-generation console. Laterthe official website was updated with a clarification: It is a temporary exclusive. In other words, it will be able to come out on other systems when the deal with PlayStation expires.

As for the release date, Yoshida has been very careful in that aspect and has been very careful not to raise false expectations. To date, it has not even shared a launch window.

Action-focused combat system

Final Fantasy XVI will not implement a turn-based combat system like the classics. Instead, have opted for action as the backbone of the fights. It is quite a statement of intent that the Japanese studio has hired Ryota Suzuki as director of the combat system. Before joining Square Enix he worked on Capcom games like Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5 or Dragon’s Dogma. Yoshida has also promised accessibility and difficulty options to make the experience suitable for as many players as possible.

The progression system has been commented on very sparingly. In a conversation with Hironobu Sakaguchi, father of Final Fantasy, the producer explained that the skill tree is similar to Fantasian. “Normally there are two ways to play a character. You can put yourself in the shoes of a predefined protagonist or, as in [Final Fantasy] 14, become your own protagonist. But even in the case where you play with a predefined hero, it is better to have some sense of customization in the character progression, since it gives more gameplay options, ”he pointed out.

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The story: the conflict of the crystals

As in many of the installments of this saga, the crystals make up the essential pillars of its narrative. The study led by Naoki Yoshida (producer) and Hiroshi Takai (director) captures the influence of the Mother Crystals, crystalline clusters that make the land of Valisthea shine with their dazzling brilliance. From them they receive the blessing with ether, which reaches all nations. Due to their influence, the locals are able to master magic and enjoy a rich and prosperous life.

This has been so for generations, but the world now stands on a knife edge. A tense peace has controlled the great powers, developed under the shelter of the Mother Crystals. That time of harmony is about to come to an end with the arrival of the Stygian lands.

In that fantasy world, the eikon are the most powerful in all of Valisthea. Each of them enters a human being, the so-called dominant, who have the power to channel their abilities and summon them. Some of these people are feted for the mere fact of being elected, while in other nations they are mere instruments of war. None of the Dominants can escape their uncertain fate.

The main characters

Clive Rosefield

He is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. As such, everyone assumed that he would be the rightful heir to the Phoenix flames, which would make him a Dominant. However, the recipient of these powers was his little brother, the very young Joshua. After losing the support of the people, strives to master the art of the sword, skill with which he achieved an important victory in the ducal tournament. After being appointed senior guard, his work focuses on the protection of the Phoenix, so he receives its blessing and can use part of its power. Unfortunately, his aspirations are broken after the tragedy triggered by a dark eikon, Ifrit. Vengeance is served.

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Joshua Rosefield

The Archduke’s youngest son ends up being the Phoenix Dominant. At ten years old, he is a weak and sickly creature, who prefers to spend his time in books rather than sword training. He thinks that Clive is much stronger and that he should have been the one to inherit the powers of the eikon. Of an affable nature, he does not look down on the rest of the inhabitants of Rosariawhom he treats as equals. He is also present at the incident with Ifrit.

Jill Warrick

She was born in the northern territories, but this twelve-year-old girl was sent to Rosaria to guarantee peace between the two nations. So, the archduke wanted me to grow up with his children, whom over time he has come to treat as brothers. Square Enix defines her as courteous and affable, resembling Joshua in that regard. The two brothers lean on her to tell her about her problems and concerns.

The nations of Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI

Grand Duchy of Rosaria

Located in the western region of Valisthea, it groups several provinces under the rule of the Dominant of Phoenix, eikon of fire, who is proclaimed archduke when he comes of age. Despite receiving the blessing of the Dragon’s Breath, a Mother Crystal located on a volcanic island in the Iron Kingdom, their territories begin to suffer from the extension of the stygian landsa phenomenon that threatens to consume all its domains.

Holy Empire of Sanbreque

Sanbreque is the largest confessional state in all of Valisthea. Its capital, Oriflamme, was built around the Dragon’s Head, the Mother Crystal that irrigates its surroundings with abundant aether. The citizens of the empire enjoy a prosperous life under the watchful eye of His Holiness, the emperor whom venerate as the incarnation of their one god real. His army is commanded by a certain Dominant, a ruthless warrior whose prowess ravages the battlefield.

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Kingdom of Waloed

Controls all of Cenicia, the eastern region of Valisthea. Long ago, he devoted all his efforts to fighting against the hordes of orcs and all kinds of bestialids that populated his domain, but the conflicts ceased after the arrival to the throne of a certain Dominant, current monarch of the kingdom. He has extraordinary military ability thanks to the power of his Mother Crystal, the Dragon Column, with which he continuously tests the neighboring nations of him.

Republic of Dhalmekia

Consisting of five states whose representatives make up the Council, the government body of the republic advised by the Dominant of Titan, eikon of the earth. Controls virtually all of southern Valisthea thanks to the huge amount of ether it obtains from its Mother Crystal, the Dragon’s Fang, hidden inside a mountain range.

iron kingdom

Archipelago located in Tormentia, the western region of Valisthea, which barely maintains diplomatic relations with the mainland. It has the Breath of the Dragon, the origin of all its conflicts with the neighboring nation of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. The ironbloods, inhabitants of the Iron Kingdom, are orthodox crystalline devotees who have their own language. They execute the Dominants born in their territories, as orthodox doctrine considers them to be impure creatures of sinful origin.

Crystal Domain

Located in the central region of Valisthea, it possesses the greatest Mother Crystal, the Dragon’s Tail. Blood of various nations has watered their lands in bloody battles for control of the Dominion, of great strategic importance, until the signing of an armistice put an end to hostilities in pursuit of an equitable distribution of the blessing of the crystal. His Government is made up of representatives of neighboring nations and does not have any Dominant.