Apps and tips to learn to dance online for International Dance Day

Why is Dance Day celebrated?

April 29 is Dance Day and is celebrated every year to give visibility to this type of performing art. UNESCO selected this date since 1982 in homage to Jean-Georges Noverre (considered the creator of the ballet). Fortunately today there are many disciplines to learn for all tastes and physical condition. This is due to the constant evolution of dancethe creation of musical genres and also the fusion of traditional dances with modern ones that make the dance more attractive for people of all generations.

Fashion dances to start learning in 2022

The dance has many positive effects on physical and mental health of people. At the beginning, many people have doubts about their own abilities in order to start in the world of dance and prefer take your first steps from home before hitting the dance floor. For this reason, we let you know which are the most popular rhythms and the most fashionable dances in the middle of 2022 that you can start practicing with online tutorials:

  • Twerking
  • Shuffle
  • Bachata
  • Kizomba
  • Salsa
  • Hip Hop
  • break dance
  • Popping
  • K-pop
  • Rock and roll
  • West Coast Swing
  • Zumba
  • TikTok
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10 apps to learn the basic dance steps at home

We propose a list of applications where you can initiate you in learning practically any type of dance. In general, this type of app works as a video tutorial. You can find prestigious teachers for each discipline showing the basic steps for beginners. Some work with a virtual teacher who can help you visualize the technique correctly, at your own pace and without pressure:

  1. Dance Reality: plays with the concept of virtual reality applied to dance. It is able to detect the floor of your house and mark on it the correct position of the feet for the position of the leader and the follower in the dance. You can vary the speed of the explanation, pause… and choose various dance styles from its intuitive menu.
  2. Learn to dance step by step: application available in Spanish where you can select your dance level to create your personalized plan but you must bear in mind that in this case it is paid, although it offers more affordable prices than face-to-face courses.
  3. Just Dance Now: Requires any type of display connected to the Internet to run. It is played in the same way as the video game of the same name. You have to select a song from the list and follow in real time the movements of the silhouette on the screen, alone or accompanied.
  4. Steezy: online classes through videos through a platform in which the user can choose the dance style, create routines, improve certain skills or certain specific movements that they need to learn for their preferred dance genre.
  5. Zumba Dance Offline: This app is specifically based on Zumba, a registered trademark that mixes movements from various Latin dances in the form of choreographies that can be danced individually from home or in a group from accredited gyms that can include this discipline.
  6. Bachata Pro: specific application to learn bachata with all the basic steps.
  7. Salsa Go: application in which you can learn the basic steps and technique of various styles of salsa, lady stilyng movements and tips to apply in social dance.
  8. Kizomba .io: the only application to learn the basic steps of kizomba and urbankiz after creating an account. On the other hand, if what you are interested in is practicing this dance, you have the app Kizzy Danceable to locate dancers around you with whom you can meet to practice.
  9. Hip Hop Dance Steps: teaches the typical movements of this style thanks to a wide collection of videos, totally free.
  10. Dance Tutorials TV: collects the best dance tutorials published on the Internet for various styles (shuffle, contemporary, dancehall, funk, hip hop…)
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Evolve the level of dance from beginner to intermediate and advanced

So far all our recommendations for beginners in the most popular dances of the moment. Remember that to perfect your technique it will be necessary to sign up for a dance academy or private classesnever give up and train frequently in a group or as a couple, especially if you choose any type of ballroom dance or Latin and African rhythms that are danced as a couple like the famous triad SBK: Bachata Kizomba Sauce.

The best way to reach an intermediate or advanced level is to practice without stopping and attend congresses and dance festivalswithout forgetting those known as: social dance events which are held every weekend in multiple cities. They even organize “social” outdoors for the spring-summer period.