The critical Google Chrome bug that you must fix by updating the web browser

One of the most used in its field, the Google Chrome web browser is one of the ones that has the most services and applications to offer its users. From its main screen you can access any of its functions: spreadsheets, docs, Drive, photos, etc. And given how many people use it, Chrome is a magnet for cybercriminals.

If you use Google Chrome as a web browser, either on desktop or on mobile, you should check what version you have and update it if necessary, since this week Google warned of a critical bug found in its browser. An error that has been important enough for the company to have announced it.

A critical bug in Google Chrome

According to the PandaSecurity site, the new version to download is 99.0.4844.83 and is used to fix a critical bug identified as CVE-2022-1096. The latest version is currently available: 100.0.4896.127. Depending on the type of equipment and/or device you use, you can have different versions, but it will always be the last one that you must download. It is best to check it in your browser settings.

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But, what is this bug that has brought its own official warning and everything? Well, if you had doubts and curiosity, you will continue the same, because Google has not revealed the details of the problem except that it was a vulnerability known as “type confusion” in V8, Chrome’s Javascript and WebAssembly engine, this is a common type of malware in the Java language.

Update Chrome

This critical bug affects any Google Chrome user on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Although Google has already released several notices for its configuration, it can also be done placing the mouse over the three upper points on the right side of the page, then clicking on “Settings”.

In the menu on the right, go to the last option “Chrome Information”, where it is detailed whether or not it is updated. If it is not, it will give the option to download it and restart the browser again.

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