WhatsApp down in several countries: problems with the service, it does not allow sending photos or messages

Late today, WhatsApp has begun to experience problems with its service. In a matter of minutes, on the web Down Detector the peak of complaints of users has skyrocketed in several countries, such as Spain or the United States.

WhatsApp service down in several countries

The failures are not being the same for all users, since although there are users who can continue using WhatsApp, others, on the other hand, cannot send messages or multimedia content such as photos or voice notes.

The fall of WhatsApp has been global, and as we see on the map has hit particularly hard in the East Coast of the United States (especially in New York, Boston and Washington, but also in San Francisco, on the West Coast).

In Spain, we have the fall in areas such as Seville, Valencia, Bilbao or Pamplona. Although the fall has been felt in Madrid and especially in Barcelona. Right now, at 10:45 p.m., user complaints continue to rise, and the spike in reports is the same.

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