YouTube already puts ads in its Shorts

It is a fact that the vertical video format is having more and more followers. The developers know this and have integrated, as far as possible, a format similar to the one presented by TikTok. YouTube also has theirs, and It looks like you’ve determined it’s time to put ads on your Shorts.

YouTube Shorts will also have ads

One of YouTube’s sources of income is advertising. The company makes available to advertisers the different channels that work in it as a showcase. The firm has done everything on its part so that everyone wins, including a button with which to skip the ads after five seconds as long as it is operational. But now andIt’s time to take advantage of your new way of sharing content.

According to what you say PhoneArena In its lines, it is still not clear how this new feature will reach Shrots, since at the moment what you are seeing are ads for applications that you can install from your own smartphone. Advertisers may now generate a vertical version of their products in order to increase their awareness using this feature within YouTube.

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Pure TikTok Inspiration

As we say, it has been TikTok that has changed the rules of the game. We have seen that many social networks have been made with the format of the Chinese app and it was a matter of time before its popularity rose to the point of becoming a place of entertainment where advertisers place their advertising.

It will be a matter of time to see how they are integrated into the list of videos that you can see both in the vertical format of your smartphone as well as on the computer with two large black pillars on the sides.

What also remains to be seen is the way in which users can exploit this characteristic and if, like the Chinese app, it will allow direct broadcasts to be made in Shorts with the different gift options that the firm gives to its content creators who are not few.

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