Sony confirms the arrival of its new Xperia mobile in May

In the segment of Android phones we have many brands that are fighting to be leaders with their different devices. It is a fact that Chinese companies have an increasing presence, but some of the most classic continue to work to offer increasingly competitive terminals. And among all of them is Sony, which will have an event prepared for May where you will confirm the arrival of your new Xperia phone.

Sony will bring us good news next month

Throughout the year, the different mobile manufacturers use some of the most important events of the year in order to give users new devices to buy. Some create these events and others take advantage of fairs or special moments to make their announcements, as Sony had done so far at the Mobile World Congress. But it seems that now is the time for the firm to make a big event for its most important phone.

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We talk about the next Xpreia 1 IV. The device has proven numerous times that it is up there with the greatest in functionality and features and we will hear more about this device soon. Yes, the Japanese firm is preparing a new event where it will present its next device.

The manufacturer accustoms us to developing a terminal focused on the multimedia section. Over the years we have seen how the screen and the cameras were the key points of the device and this year may not be less. Of course, we are talking about a high-end terminal, capable of competing with the largest devices in the segment that we have already seen this year, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22, for example.

According to what you say 9to5Google, the device may arrive with a generous screen, not to mention the still existing mini jack port in addition to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 on the chipset side. But these details are still to be confirmed as well as those of which we still have no record.. It will be next May 11 when we see all the progress of the firm, when we will have all the news in view at your online event.

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