Hype: 100 youtubers compete for a grand prize

Captain Gato, a well-known Peruvian YouTuber and content creator, is preparing one of the biggest videos of his career together with Hypeinviting 100 youtubers from all over the world to participate in an event based on the classic format “The last one out of… loses” where $2,300 in cash and its equivalent in virtual prizes will be distributed.

With the pandemic, not only viewers had to change their consumption habits to accommodate virtual content, but also content creators who saw a unique opportunity to catapult themselves to fame with entertainment content. This is how the idea of ​​this event was born in the head of Captain Cat.

Without even revealing his name or his real face, Captain Cat has been on YouTube since 2015, although a couple of years ago his content began to go viral by speeding up his videos, which, although they last approximately 10 to 15 minutes, take more than 130 hours of editing in an effort to keep the audience hooked at all times.

His effort and that of his team have been rewarded with all his videos exceeding one million views, even having some that exceed 4 million views. At his young age, she has won over the young audience and other international youtubers who will now participate in one of his biggest events.

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100 youtubers

This consists of having the 100 invited youtubers within a call and the last one to disconnect will win the grand prize of $1,000. Depending on their position, all participants will have a prize either monetary or in its equivalent of virtual prizes (Discord Nitro). To avoid cheating or impersonation, the Captain Cat team has distributed among the participants a series of rules with breaks, mentions and contingency plans to cover any accident.

Among the most prominent guests are Flex Vega, a Colombian youtuber with almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Nimu, with 1.38 million subs on YT, JustNova, a Chilean youtuber with 1 million subs on YT, StarVTuber with almost 780 thousand subscribers and Lua, Mexican singer with more than 600 thousand subscribers among others, adding millions of people who follow them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Twitch.

For now, among those confirmed are Emikukis, Rakkun, MrKeroro10, Hetto, Nymphaaea, Siliemarie, Themagmaboi, Al3xDonut, JaniFukui, Shadoune, Mishifu, ZicPlatanito, among others.

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At the moment, Captain Cat is concentrating on creating entertainment content and does not plan to show his face or who he really is in public, at least not in the short term. His goal is to reach 10 million subscribers and this will be the first of many big events to come in the future.