Juanpa Zurita: why he had his nose operated again

For various reasons, many people choose to have their nose operated on at some point in their lives and the influencer Juanpa Zurita It has not been the exception and he himself has shown that he made that decision even though a few years ago he had already undergone surgery to treat himself in the same area of ​​​​the body.

Through some publications on his social media accounts, the Mexican published some photographs of his operation process and subsequent recovery, which worried his millions of fans, who wanted to know what had happened and why he had his nose operated again. .

Taking advantage of those posts on Instagram, Juanpa Zurita recounted all the details of his operation and revealed what motivated him to undergo a new surgery on his nose, reassuring his followers a little.

The Mexican influencer re-entered the operating room to have his nose operated (Photo: Juanpa Zurita / Instagram)
The Mexican influencer re-entered the operating room to have his nose operated (Photo: Juanpa Zurita / Instagram)


As we already indicated, a few years ago Juanpa Zurita He had a nose job, so it’s a bit surprising that he went into the operating room again for the same thing, but the same influencer was in charge of revealing all the details.

What the internet celebrity said is that his operation on his nose was due to the fact that he had a deviated septum and this was causing him several health problems.

“We finally fixed the beggar partition. What a tremendous odyssey I’ve had with my respiratory system. I have been approximately 4 years, in which every 3 or 4 months I always get sinusitis. For the fifteenth time, the doctor told me that this was only going to get worse with time and that it is not good to be taking so much medicine because it damages the liver. So operating was the best option.”wrote.

However, it is very striking that, after a few years, he had surgery again, so Zurita told what happened so that he would undergo surgery again.

“Surprisingly, although I had already had surgery 6 years ago, in one of my chocoadventures I hit my nose before a year had passed since that surgery. Apparently, that was enough for my partition to go crooked and over time, like the Tower of Pisa, it got worse “detailed the digital celebrity.


After having surgery, Juanpa Zurita told how he felt and, happily, for him and his close environment, he is already very well and now he must continue with his recovery process.

“I am excited to be able to breathe 100%, I am excited to stop being limited by my nose and more than anything, grateful that he can intervene and take care of my health. Thank you Doctor Medrano, you are a bullet”he added in his message.

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