YouTube expands its tipping program to more users

The war of multimedia platforms is still very much in force for all users, both those who consume the content and those who are dedicated to producing it. Each platform has its own terms of use, so it is the creators who now choose where to stay. But in the case of the Google company there are new functions in which it is sought that those who are there stay and be more assiduous and all thanks to its new tip system that expands to more countries.

Tips will reach more users around the world

YouTube had a great expansion of content back in the 2,000 and since then it has not stopped growing. Content creators were looking for a way to get the famous partners, which was then the only way to get money from the platform. With the arrival of advertising, everything changed, but it was not until the arrival of Amazon in the multimedia world that everything took a turn in favor of Jeff Bezos.

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And it is that YouTube is still behind a strategy with which to unseat Twitch once and for all and it seems that now it can be measured with tips. We already told you about the arrival of this function in July 2021 when Super Thanks came out like Super Chat. The company has been working to offer these features to its users, but now everything indicates that this function will be much more common than it was until now.

And it is that according to what counts TechCrunch firm is expanding this feature to 68 countries around the world. This is great news for all content creators who will see a new way to interact with their audience in live videos in addition to getting tips from them unconditionally.

For those who do not know, these are functions that are activated by giving money to content creators in the form of a small financial support. One is placed at the bottom of the videos so that users can offer their own of up to fifty euros and the other is activated when the user is live.