Android 13 will bring spatial audio to the Pixel 6

We are at a time when Google is working hard to bring this year the new version of its operating system for smartphones. Android 13 is a reality, but it will not be until the middle of the year when we will see its presentation. But until then, it only remains to take a look at all the news and rumors that it could bring. One of them could be the arrival of spatial audio that could reach the Pixel 6 this year.

What is spatial audio for the Pixel 6

For many, Apple was among the first to implement the feature of spatial audio to their devices. For those who do not know, this feature provides an improvement in the sound distribution of audio or video content, making the listening experience much more immersive and enveloping. This is a good time to put this feature, after the bitten apple had this advantage technology for all these years.

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At the moment, the rumors are based on a line of code from the operating system where you can see a file called libspatialaudio” located in the soundfx folder. The name may not be the most appropriate, but the truth is that inside it has including a line called “audio.spatializer” This may be the improvement you needed and especially to indicate the arrival of a new device.

New Pixel Buds in sight?

Google has many devices on the market, but it still seems like it has a lot to say and improve. And it is that at the moment in which spatial audio appears on the scene, the first thing that comes to mind is the Google Pixel Buds. These may be the true beneficiaries of the spatial audio that arrives in Android 13. But this is a hypothesis that may be in the future and it will be a matter of time before the company launches a new version this year.

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