How to block a phone number on mobile? Apps and websites to avoid unwanted calls

Being called by an unknown or hidden number is something that nobody likes, because either they are very annoying and call at all hours, or they do so at odd hours. This practice is a maneuver that is often used by the commercial departments of companies and telemarketing services, but since the number does not appear, we cannot save it and block it.

Though that doesn’t mean we can’t block it. Here are several applications to block numbers and websites to identify unknown calls:

Web pages to identify unknown phone numbers


In Spanish we have WhoCalledMe, an integrated database by visitors to web pages (similar to a phone book) with phone numbers of unwanted or unknown users. This page wantshelp identify marketing companies, surveys, contests, spoof calls, callbacks, harassing calls, or push notifications for earnings,” and assigning that particular number to a particular person or company to find out who they are.

spam list

Another alternative in Spanish is Listaspam, a free service in which No registration required and that it is intended to perform reverse phone lookups: not looking up the phone of a particular person or company, but look up who or what a phone number really belongs to, find out what their true intentions are and how to stop their calls.

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Apps to block phone numbers

Call Blocker – Calls Blacklist

Call Blocker will automatically block phone numbers from spammers, telemarketers and robocallers. You can also block calls using the Call Blacklist. With the largest database of phone numbers in the world, more than two billion calls blocked to date.

  • call blocker
  • Instant caller ID to see who is calling
  • Automatically block spammers and telemarketers
  • Missed call reminder notification
  • See names of unknown numbers in call history
  • Free phone number lookup with no limitations
  • call blocking
  • call blacklist
  • Smart call log
  • Do not bother


Truecaller is an app for android and ios mobiles able to show at all times the phone number that is calling us, even though it is a call with an unknown number. In this way we don’t need to pick up and we have to deal with the current commercial, but the app identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls. In fact we can see data like the name of who is calling us and even their photo if you have any associated with that number, even if we don’t have it in contacts. In this way we have an easier time identifying the Spam call on duty, and even we can record it with the new function of the app integrated this week, free for 14 days in the trial version.

After entering our number so that the program has us identified, Truecaller is ready so that we can see at all times who is not calling and thus block spam and telemarketing numbers. And the best thing is that it is not necessary for a commercial to call us, but if we see a phone number on a website or email that we do not trust, we can cut it and paste it into the app, which will identify who is behind that number thanks to a community of more than 200 million users who have been growing a database of fraudulent numbers. We can also see when a friend is available to talk and call them at the right time.

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Download Truecaller for Android

Download Truecaller for iOS


Whoscall offers functions similar to those of many other similar apps, but unlike applications like CIA or Hiya, Whoscall has greater privacy regarding the user’s data and does not need as many permissions as the previous ones.

Among its functions, the app allows identify all numbers that appear as hidden or unknown, it identifies them by searching them in a database of numbers used for telemarketing and other practices, and blocks them instantly. And not only calls, but also the annoying SPAM from SMS messages that also come to us. And the best thing about this is that unlike the rest, Whoscall also works offline without having to be connected to the Internet. Although it came out a few years ago, if you want to try it here we leave you the link.

Download Whoscall for Android

Download Whoscall for iOS