WhatsApp will allow you to save temporary messages so that they are not deleted, what is the point?

Send a content that will be deleted once viewed or at a certain time. That is the objective of the Temporary Messages function that WhatsApp launched in 2020. Once activated, itNew messages sent in the chat disappear after a period of time determined by the sender, ranging from 24 hours to 7 and 90 days (1 day, 1 week or 3 months).

With this you can schedule text messages to be auto-deleted in the conversation, or multimedia material such as photos and videos that are deleted after viewing them once. Well, if the main objective of temporary messages is to be able to send content that you know will disappear after its display deadline, what’s the point of adding a new option to be able to save those temporary messages?

Save temporary messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just sent a new update for its WhatsApp beta -the test version of the app- for iOS through the TestFlight beta program. Y According to WABetaInfo experts, This version shows that WhatsApp is testing a new option to keep temporary messages saved. A feature previously seen in beta for Android.

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Thus, the user can choose that a message classified as temporary when sent, does not disappear from the chat once the term has expired allotted time to do so. If, for example, you send it to be deleted after 24 hours, by activating the new option the message is no longer deleted.



This allows a temporary message becomes a perennial message, but at the same time it is difficult to make sense of it, because if you want a message not to be deleted, it would be enough not to send it as a temporary message. WABetaInfo points out thatThe option has the condition that any other user can cancel that save. And therefore the message will be deleted.

As we see in the screenshot, the option “Keep this message? The message will no longer disappear from this chat. Anyone can uncheck it.” In another image, WhatsApp points out that in In the event that none of the users save said message, it will be deleted and will no longer be available. for all contacts in a group or the two people who have started a one-on-one chat.

In tests

At the moment the function is in a testing period and also in both systems, iOS and Android. But as usual, it may or may not make it to the final version of WhatsApp.