The B-side of… Mar Saura: Beauty Entrepreneur

The actress shared with us that she could not find the perfect routine for her type of skinand then decided, with the support of experts, to devise one: “I spent many years with the feeling that I was falling short (the products) and it was a shame, but I started working with the right team for this search that has not It hasn’t been easy.”

And, although it was not easy, its side B has turned out to be a success; Ocean It has been in the market for a year and a half, but they had been finding the formulas and products for more than four years. Now he has 12 “fundamental pillars for healthy, beautiful and cared for skin”, for which he thanks the entire community of followers.

Miguel Angel Munoz And Mar Saura Attend Presentation Of Dopamine In Madrid
Mar Saura has an eternal beauty.

“It’s been a long time searching,” he said. Remains, with all the happiness for the response of the public to this new facet, which undoubtedly challenges her too much, when combined with her other stages as a woman, in public and in private. “In the end, it’s about daring, launching yourself, believing that you can achieve it and surrounding yourself with the people who help you fulfill your dreams.”

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Very animated, she told us that it is true that the “Mar actress, woman, mother, friend, daughter… and I am the same, but it is true that in each aspect you share yourself in a different way. In this case with OceanIt is true that it is my first business project, one hundred percent mine and of course it has been a challenge from the beginning”.

Mar Saura Attends Galenic Presentation
Mar Saura created her own line of ‘skin care’ to help maintain beauty.

Very transparently, she accepted that when a friend asked her: “If you could turn back time, would you launch the brand again?”, she did not hesitate to answer that if she knew it would be so much work, “I would think about it! (laughs). But Of course I would because it has made me grow a lot, not only as a businesswoman, learning, of course I was wrong because this is trial and error.

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“The joke is that you make as few mistakes as possible, but it has also served me to evolve and grow personally, as well as to dare to fight for what I want. This was a dream that was in me and that little by little was taking more strength I dared, although combining it is not easy, I need hours, but I am delighted”, abounded Remains.

Day 3 - Global Champions Tour In Madrid
Being a singer is one of Mar Saura’s dreams.

What would have fascinated you

Mar She has no qualms about sharing with us what her B-side would be in a parallel universe and far from the reality that she is an actress and businesswoman. “I would have been fascinated, crazy, what I would have liked most in the world is to be a singer, what happens is that it is better not to sing (laughs). Go on tour and get on stage.”

That is why he always asks God and destiny to play at least one character in a movie. “Being a singer, without a doubt, is what I would have liked the most, I don’t know if I have been in my other life, but if I haven’t been, I guarantee that in one of the lives I will be,” he added. Remainswho is passionate about the messages that are sent in music.

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