Twitter is working on a feature to pay creators with cryptocurrencies

Many users are part of the work environment created on the Internet. Many are dedicated to providing services of all kinds on the Internet, from buying and selling items, through art, to videos that help users lose inhibitions from reality for a while. But sometimes, the content that users consider good and of quality deserves to be rewarded in some way and Twitter is working on a way for users to pay creators with cryptocurrencies.

Tips with cryptocurrencies, the latest from Twitter

The bird’s social network has experienced one of its most convulsive moments in recent years. Finally, Elon Musk has bought Twitter for no less than 44,000 million dollars. There have been many who have tried to gain control of the firm, even in moments of weakness, but it is already a reality that the South African genius is the new director of the company.

But one of his first projects may not be one that TheVerge has shared in which Twitter would put an option to pay content creators with cryptocurrencies. It is a step forward in the virtual world, since the fact of donating or buying from a content creator with a virtual currency is something new.

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But for this, the company is not alone, since the media says that the Stripe payment platform will be in charge of carrying out these procedures. It turns out that last month the company a tool with which cryptocurrency companies had in their possession new functions for processing payments. This will greatly help users to offer their virtual currencies to pay their favorite content creators.

The future of this feature is not yet clear, but at the moment the two firms are strengthening ties to have more options with which their users can support their content creators in more ways.