Samsung Calendars now lets you organize your events by brighter colors

Samsung is also dedicated to improving the apps it puts pre-installed on its devices for users who trust them. It is true that it has agreements with large companies in the software sector such as Microsoft with its Office package, but it cannot neglect its home product either. And today we bring good news for those who use Samsung Calendars.

New way to organize events in Samsung Calendars

The most organized users know that having productivity applications is the most important thing. Those that help you organize your day to day are the most relevant, especially if they allow you to have all the events you have in a day on the screen. That is why calendar apps are always one of the most basic that can be installed on a smartphone, and the manufacturers know it.

It is true that many have the support of third parties to have these utilities, such as Google, but even in Android devices there are companies that want to show what they are worth in the field of software. Samsung is one of them and they have been striving for years to give the best to their users.

One of those applications that its users do not lack is Calendar, which they could also obtain directly from the Google Play Store. Today it’s time to take a look at Samsung’s, which promises a new way of scheduling all the events that the owner of the smartphone wants to keep in mind so that they don’t miss any.

It turns out that the Korean brand has put a new improvement in its app with which it is possible to mark the elements with a different color so that you can better organize not only your day but also the upcoming events.

The problem is that not all users are able to see each event registered in the application well, so it is annoying that some colors do not look good. Thus, the Seoul firm has added a new feature to its application with which they can improve the brightness of the events they have organized. On the settings screen, it will default to being bright in color, although it will now open up three different types of additional intensity: none, soft, and very bright.

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