Google Chrome 101 will help you better organize your favorite pages

Google Chrome has already surpassed the barrier of three figures in its versions. But this has not prevented him from continuing to make improvements with which to continue convincing users. the truth is that the new version has not been long in coming and we already have the new version 101 of Google Chrome with some new features.

Google 101 what’s new?

Sometimes software products do not need to show their improvements visually and are simply changes that are sometimes imperceptible. And it seems that this is what we will find in the new version of Google Chrome. The firm has added new improvements for the organization of your saved pages among other improvements that we are going to name below.

New organization of tab groups by colors

When it comes to organizing each one has their method, but it is true that the organization by colors is the most useful. Everyone assigns what he wants to put everything on her site, but now it is possible to do it even in your browser. It turns out that those from Mountain View have made available to users the new classification by colors with which it is easier to place tabs in the same group when displaying it.

You will only have to create a group and assign it a color so that when it is displayed in the browser you will know which tabs it covers.

New notes for passwords

One of the new things Google Chrome 101 is the new notes for passwords. As you know, the Mountain View browser has a system that generates and saves different secure passwords for you, but what it hadn’t included until now is a notes section. Its task is simple and it is none other than to remember the password it saves in case you edit it.

Visual improvements in the download manager

Another important thing that leaves us Chrome 101 is the new download manager. the truth is that now it will be very similar to Microsoft Edge, one thing Google would have to get from its Redmond rival. This will now have a progress bar and with the right click you will be able to see the shortcuts related to the download

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