How to cancel Spotify Premium from the app?

On a musical level, Spotify is the most popular in terms of listening to streaming music in on-demand format. And you can do it both for free -with its limitations such as advertising- and by subscribing to one of its payment plans.

Are you subscribed to Spotify Premium and for whatever reason you want to unsubscribe? We tell you how to do it.

Cancel your Spotify Premium subscription

  1. Sign in at
  2. Look for the Your plan option
  3. Click CHANGE PLAN.
  4. Look for the option Cancel Spotify

When you unsubscribe, you will keep Premium until the next billing date, and after that, the account will go to the free plan. The good thing is that you will not lose the playlists or the saved music when your account is upgraded to the free plan. You will still be able to log in and listen to content, albeit with ads.

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For those who want to unsubscribe from the Spotify application on their mobile, this is not possible, as it will redirect you to the Spotify website to carry out the operation.

I don’t see the option to change plans

This means that your plan is associated with a partner company such as your mobile or Internet provider). Look for their contact link on your account page, under Payment, if you want to cancel your Premium plan. If you pay through iTunes, see Apple’s instructions for canceling your Premium plan.

It shows that my account has the Spotify Free plan

This means that there is no Premium plan to cancel and there is no payment information on the account. If you are charged, you may have Premium on another account. Try signing out of the current account and signing in with other credentials. Or you can also fill out this form and send it to Spotify to cancel your Premium plan.

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