Goku against Majin Vegeta: the mythical combat of Dragon Ball Z in these spectacular figures

One of the most mythical fights of Dragon Ball Z is the one fought by Goku in his SSJ2 form and Majin Vegeta during the arc of Buu. It is a long-awaited confrontation that had not occurred since the prince of the Saiyans first visited the earth. Since then, both characters have ended up being rivals but sharing more powerful enemies that they had to defeat, until during that arc, Vegeta allows himself to be dominated by Babidi to try to achieve his goal: to fight and defeat Kakarot.

Now, Banpresto is preparing two new figures for its Match Maker line in which we can see the two characters in the way they fought during the final stretch of Dragon Ball Z. That means we have Goku with your status SSJ 2 (it would be a posteriori when he would teach the world the SSJ3 against Buu) and on the other hand, to Majin Vegeta after being possessed by the evil sorcerer. The figures look like this:

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First prices and departure date

At the moment we do not know the measurements they make in centimeters, but we know that they are figures of PVC in a dynamic position and it seems that they arrive at a very tight price. In the shop jdworld.org they have the pair of figures at 36.90 euros in reservationwhile separately they cost about 20 euros each.

At the moment they can only be reserved, since the figures are scheduled to go on sale next September 31, 2022. It will be necessary to see in more detail in videos and images how these two positions look, somewhat more static than others of the same line but that one in front of the other represent one of the great moments of the manga of Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball is still more alive than ever, and currently the manga of Dragon Ball Super follows its course with unexpected protagonists, such as Bardock, Goku’s father, who holds the key so that his son can defeat the most powerful enemy seen in the manga. In addition, there is a new movie on the way and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released in Japan next month of June.

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