Problems with WeTransfer? this is why

Everyone is clear that email is not used to send according to what files. It is true that it is a very reliable source, but it falls short in terms of space. But in this situation there is no need to worry thanks to the different services on the Internet to send all kinds of files. Nevertheless, sometimes bugs happen like it is happening to WeTransfer.

WeTransfer fails to download the files, why?

If you are looking among the Internet platforms in the cloud to transfer data of up to 2 GB, you will find your solution in WeTransfer. Its operation is as simple as loading the data, putting your mail and that of the recipients, wait for the upload to finish and send the mail.

That’s it, you don’t need more, you just have to worry about receiving the confirmation email that those who have received the email already have the data in their possession. But this system, no matter how reliable it may be, is not exempt from faults such as the one that users have suffered when they see that there was an error on their website.

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The fault is very general and can occur at any time. This implies that as a user you receive a message that the credentials are not valid, that the file upload meter stops progressing or even that you cannot download the files that have been sent to you.

For now, the firm has spoken out due to the wave of reports and criticism it has received from its most regular consumers. In said message, which can be read on Twitter, they regret the inconvenience and confirm that they are investigating the problem to solve it as soon as possible.

WeTransfer down for the third time this month

Sometimes users get upset when the tool they use doesn’t work as it should. This happens in all segments, without exception, and in the field of computing and online services, time and effort are required to solve failures as soon as possible.

The bad thing is that sometimes the problems are persistent and in the case of WeTransfer crashes it has unfortunately become a constant. With this, the platform crashes three times this month, and it is not surprising that users look for other alternatives to share their heaviest files that they cannot send by mail.

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