The first images of the Pixel Watch are filtered

It’s no wonder so many users are behind Google’s work right now. The Mountain View firm has shown what it is capable of in the field of telephony, and it seems that it wants to make it the accessories closest to users. The company already has its own headphones on the market, but it is a matter of time before vWe are a Google Pixel Watch.

This is how the Pixel Watch is presented

Smart watches have become a very important part of the lives of the users who wear them. Especially those who are focused on having better control of what they do in their daily lives to take care of themselves are the ones who demand the most functions so as not to fall short of their needs when they exercise.

Google has studied this very well and for a long time has done its part so that everyone could track their exercise from their mobile. But it is not a fact that a smartphone is a somewhat ‘rough’ element to carry while you go for a run or you are in the gym, so it never hurts to have the support of a smart watch.

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And it is in this market where Google could debut with its Pixel Watch. There has been a lot of talk about this device for years, and not only what it would be like, but also when it was going to arrive. Finally, the wait would come to an end in this exercise to confirm the arrival of the device that it shares @VNchocoTaco on his Twitter account.

The leaker suggests that we would see two versions of the device, but from what we see the design seems very simple. It would meet the standards of many watches that already have the WearOS operating system, with a circular sphere in which to see all the information of the terminal and a crown on one of the sides to interact with it.

The details of the device are not yet clear, but it seems that there will be two versions. One may be more standard, while the other will be aimed at more athletic users. But confirming this is now very early and it is best to wait for the American company itself to offer more data in this regard.

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