Apple begins removing apps from the App Store

Application developers look forward to seeing their programs find the success they think they deserve in the various stores. Each one has a purpose, but in the end it is the users who decide if they want to have these apps on their terminal or not. But it seems that this is not a decision made by the consumers themselves, but also by the stores themselves, as is the case with Apple, which will start removing apps from your App Store.

Apple begins a cleanup of apps in its store

If something defines Apple above anything else, it is innovation. And that means throwing out the old to keep the new. We have seen it in the hardware section with its different devices, both mobile and computers. This has caused a lot of controversy among its fans due to the decisions to eliminate some ports that, for the company, have been eliminated in pursuit of design and efficiency.

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But this also wants to be taken to the applications section. And we’re not talking about removing the apps from your terminal that you no longer use for you, but about something totally different that affects the company’s own offer.

It turns out that those from Cupertino have made the decision that it is time to remove apps from the App Store. It will do this with a clear pattern, which is none other than to see which of all the ones it has have not been updated in a period of more than two years. According to the email shared by some of the affected developers, the company says that if an update is not made within a month, the app will be withdrawn from sale.

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developer issues

These days it’s hard to find an app that doesn’t get updated every month or even once a year. Examples can be given within the bitten apple, such as the case of Procreate, whose license does not need to be renewed but must be updated once a year to enjoy all the improvements provided by the company.

However, other users do not consider that their applications need updates with more features because they already do their job. And it is that It doesn’t matter how many downloads they have or whether different users use it for their day-to-day. Everything indicates that this initiative will continue and the only solutions are to contact the firm or attend to its demand to create an update.