The Wordle Time Trial arrives: five minutes to hit all the words you can

Emerged from the pandemic and became viral at the beginning of the year, Wordle is one of those simple, fast and simple games in its development but that later is a challenging experience. His proposal is straightforward: a daily 5-letter word to guess, 6 attempts to solve it, three types of visual clues using colors. Later they emerged Alternative versions to Wordle thanks to the popularity that this free mini game has gained.

Wordle in Spanish and with limited time

Its popularity has been such that at the beginning of February The New York Times itself announced that it had bought Wordle from its creator. And since then we have seen countless versions, whether to hit a song, a movie or even a Wordle about video games. But what if we upped the challenge of the original?

Twitter user ‘Daniel (the one with the Wordle) It has an adapted version of Wordle to Spanish. But the tweeter wanted to give it a ‘boost’ in difficulty, increasing the challenge. His Wordle works with the same 5-letter, 6-try rules, but now has two additions to the gameplay: a timer limit of five minutes and the option to hit more than one word.

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Five minutes to figure it out

The challenge of this Wordle is not only that you have a limited time to guess the word, but within those five minutes you can guess several words as you solve. Here we put the link, and its author updates the game every day. Do you like it better this way, or are you from the original Wordle?