Iron Man’s great humiliation to his best friend

Iron Man knew the multiverse before Avengers: Endgame

Iron Man is famous for creating amazing armor, but he has placed a humiliating characteristic on his friend War Machine.

Tony Stark He is a genius inventor who not only creates armor for himself, but often distributes his technology among his friends. Obviously, the best is left to him, since the ego of Iron Man lives up to your wits. But now he’s put a gadget on War Machine that he would never have used for his own suit.

Attention SPOILERS of the comic Iron Man # 13 by Christopher Cantwell, Cafu and Frank D’Armata. In this story Tony Stark has brought together a group of heroes whom he calls “Friends of Space”, which is made up of War Machine, Hellcat, Spider-Man, Halcyon and Frog-Man. They want to stop the villain Korvac whose plan is to deflect the powerful cosmic energies of the vast spaceship of Galactus call Taa II.

Iron Man has suffered many injuries and that is why he sends War Machine, Halcyon and Frog-Man to find a self-destruct mechanism. “There has to be one, knowing Galactus”. Ponder Tony Stark. Shortly after, War Machine take flight with Halcyon of a small handle that comes out of his armor. It is a gadget that has been added to this suit so that the hero can serve as a flying taxi for a companion. Something that obviously Iron Man He would never have installed in his own suit. But it shows that you don’t mind humiliating your friend like that.

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Iron Man's great humiliation to his best friend

We also saw this curiously in the series What if…?

In the first episode of the series Disney Plus, Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father) designs an armor suit that wears Steve Rogers, since that moment has no powers because the super soldier serum receives it Peggy Carter. When they go into battle, the Capitana Carter It grabs onto a handle on the back of the armor. Does anyone imagine that we would have seen Captain America take to the skies above Iron Man in the Marvel Studios movies? At least it would have been fun to watch.