Blue Demon Jr: the scandals that put his father’s legend at risk

This April 24, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alejandro Muñoz Moreno or Blue Demon, one of the greatest legends of wrestling and being the NWA welterweight world champion twice, in addition to recording several films with whoever was his greatest rival: El Santo.

It was precisely with El Santo that Demon would make history in Mexican cinema, starring in several films where they join forces to defeat evil such as “The Mummies of Guanajuato”, “Dr. Frankenstein”, “Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis”, among others. others.

Outside of those involved, his particular way of relating to fans was well known thanks to his solidarity and charisma, which made him one of the people’s favorites.

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In that sense, the story of how Muñoz would adopt a young man who was a victim of abuse by his parents, who locked him in a box with nails so that he would not escape, is well known. That was how the fighter took care of him and, after his retirement, he would pass the mantle to him as Blue Demon Jr.

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However, far from honoring his memory, “The son of the blue legend” would lead a life of ups and downs, starring in notorious scandals that would put his father’s inheritance at risk.


Blue Demon Jr. is denounced by his wife

In March 2021, Mónica Carrillo, wife of Blue Demon Jr., publicly denounced the AAA fighter for domestic violence and death threat, assuring that “the devil got into him.”

“There are many people close to me who have witnessed many things, I decided to do it (report) because I am worth a lot and I do not deserve to be trampled on by anyone. I have been abused in many ways, I am tired that because I am behind a person who is famous, I have to shut up, this more than for me, I did it because I have three daughters, “said the woman.

According to Carrillo, his wife of 20 years, even his lovers would have been abused, but they have not reported it because “they are afraid to raise their voices.”

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Changed the Blue Demon mask for the PRI

In Mexico, one of the oldest and most representative parties is the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which frequently runs in various elections for the presidency, legislature, and mayors.

That is how they invited the son of “Manotas” to join Roberto Loyola’s campaign in Querétaro in 2015. However, in addition to offering his support, the fighter changed the blue that identified his father and his legacy for the party’s red .

“I am your friend Blue Demon Jr. This June 7, you will decide your future between a mature and responsible government or an opportunistic one. That’s why this time I’m not wearing blue, this time I think like most of you. I want Querétaro to win. That’s why I with Loyola ”, he indicated in a spot that was criticized by wrestling fans.

Blue Demon Jr. runs for mayor without removing his mask

The popularity of the wrestler is very great in Mexico, where he has thousands of followers. For this reason, he tried to make the leap from the ring to politics, where he would run for mayor of Gustavo A. Madero.

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During an interview, he refused to take off his mask like normal candidates, assuring that “a face does not tell you anything, the actions, what they are going to speak and represent. Nobody remembers the corrupt politicians who have harmed the citizens.”

Although he assured that he has defended the mask for 35 years like his father, in the end he was not successful in his application, because, according to experts, governing from anonymity brought distrust among voters.