The Skywalker Saga and 5 other LEGO games you can’t miss

After a long wait, the nine numbered installments of the film saga Star Wars They are already part of a single playable adaptation, a true feast that includes more than 20 planets to visit, more than 60 ships to pilot and more than 300 characters -counting the variants of different movies- to manage. True to tradition LEGO, The Skywalker Saga it’s a light game, with light-hearted rewrites of all the key moments and a mild difficulty to accommodate all audiences. But that does not mean that its development is limited to running from combat to combat and from sequence to sequence; it also allows us to explore its worlds and participate in countless activities to extend our stay in this universe.

  • Review of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

the last game of Traveller’s Tales it closes an open circle in 2005, when the first LEGO Star Wars was published on PlayStation 2 and other consoles of its generation. Since then, they have followed many other successful adaptationshow Indiana Jones, Batman o Pirates of the Caribbean. And although it could be said that with The Skywalker Saga they have reached a new ceiling, the standard to which the following will have to face, that does not mean that the previous ones have ceased to be worthwhile. Not much less. That is why, taking advantage of the new release, we have decided to look back and compile a small list of recommendations. Five other LEGO games that you cannot miss if you like this kind of adaptations.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

Since we are talking about franchises with a large number of films to adapt -although in this case the starting point is novels-, and the Harry Potter universe has just returned to the big screen through the prequel Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, we begin by remembering that there is also a great compilation that allows relive all of Harry’s adventures from his first arrival at Hogwarts to the final showdown with Voldermort. In its day, undertaking such a task led to it being divided into two installments, entitled Years 1-4 and Years 5-7, since they covered these courses. But now, thanks to the aptly named Collection remaster, it’s all part of the same package.

It should be noted that both parts were released in 2010 and 2011 respectively, so they show their age despite some subsequent improvements.. Gameplay tends to be easier and the sequences have no voices as in The Skywalker Saga or many others since then – they started a year later, in time for another one that we will talk about shortly -, so the characters express themselves through mimicry. But despite this, the collection is still a great way to attend classes, participate in duels, explore the thousand and one corners of the castle or take a walk through other locations such as the Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade or the Ministry of Magic.

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It may be more limited in development, but it has a great attention to detail, with plenty of nods to the movies and environments full of interactive elements. The level of demand, as always, is low; but there is a clear appeal in experimentation that allows the possibility of learn and use various types of spellso de brew potions Entering the private areas of the other Hogwarts houses, for example, requires impersonating one of his students. Perhaps in a few months Hogwarts Legacy will be revealed as the best game to explore this world; but in the meantime, LEGO Harry Potter is still one of the best alternatives.

lego lord of the rings

Another license full of magic that does not fall into oblivion – soon Amazon will also dedicate a prequel series to it – is The Lord of the Rings. In 2012, just after releasing the second Harry Potter, Traveler’s Tale was encouraged to reimagine this medieval fantasy masterpiececonceived by Tolkien and masterfully adapted to film by Peter Jackson. The tone of the game and the sequences, of course, remained light and comedic, with constant skits; but the beautiful landscapes of Middle-earth and the phenomenal music of Howard Shore they gave it a somewhat more epic look. And the presence, now yes, of voices directly taken from the movies made the plot easier to follow even without having seen them.

Due to the nature of the story, this installment could not afford to opt for a format as open as others. Development takes us through places as the Shire, Bree, Rivendel, Moria and others in the established order, although later we can revisit them. In addition, the demands of the script are hardly a burden for LEGO The Lord of the Rings, which still has one of the best beats in this series of adaptations. The trilogy is recreated from beginning to end, with half a dozen levels dedicated to each movie that do not leave out any key moment and propose situations to take advantage of the abilities of each character.

A) Yes, Gandalf he can light up and cast magic with his staff; Legolas he can stick arrows into certain holes and then climb on top of them; Gimli can break blocks or be thrown to take advantage of its forcefulness; Sam light bonfires; Y Gollum scale some walls like Spider-Man. Unlocking characters and going back to previous levels with them is, in fact, necessary to get many of the collectibles. And between search and search, there are also moments of greater spectacle, such as the clashes against the Balrog and Ella-Larañaor mass battles like the prologue against Sauron or Helm’s Deep, albeit on a fairly concentrated scale.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

And since we have mentioned Spider-Man, it is clear that you cannot talk about LEGO games without going through superheroes. those of the Marvel factory in particular, they have been enjoying an unprecedented level of popularity for a little over a decade: thanks to films like The Avengers, Infinity War or Endgame, it could be said that the MCU is the closest thing to Star Wars that we have today —more than Star Wars itself. Of course, video games already enjoyed a good and varied offer before, even more so if possible. And for sample, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Because in the first game of this series (later it would come, in addition to Super Heroes 2, one specifically dedicated to The Avengers) we were not only able to play with emblems already established in the MCU movies like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America o Thoralso others that 2013 were still waiting their turn, such as doctor strange, Black Panther or the Guardians of the Galaxyand even others that even today, in the middle of 2022, are still waiting their turn like the X-Men or the Fantastic four. The size of the template, of course, would increase in the sequel, but not even Super Heroes 2 made such a round full of Marvel icons by running out of Deadpool.

As for the game as a game, it also continues to maintain its validity thanks to the possibility of display the skills of all these characters in a city with open exploration (Spider-Man throws his webs to swing between buildings, Iron Man flies freely, etc.) while its main development is still the one that shines the most by not being tied to specific films and combining its great emblems more accurately than the sequel. Do you want to see Nick Fury giving orders not only to the Avengers, but also to Wolverine and the Human Torch? Or see Loki collaborating with Doctor Doom? Stand up to Galactus? This is your game.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

And from Marvel we move on to the eternal rival, DC. But not only that, but also a game —as its title points out— focused on the villains. Preceded by a LEGO Batman trilogy where the roster had already grown with each installment, making room for many anti-heroes among its ranks, the move might not seem necessary. But the change of focus of LEGO DC Super-Villains allows him do more interesting things with the story and setting. Gotham City y metropolisin addition to the lairs, have a very different tone from the adaptations of Marvel or even Batman.

Being the most recent on this list (it premiered in 2018), aspects such as the technical invoice and dubbing are also at a high level (having Mark Hamill as the Joker is always a safe bet), better than in previous titles. And the design, in the deliberate simplicity of LEGO games, also benefited from the studio’s expertise. Although LEGO Batman 2 may remain the favorite of many DC fans, Super-Villains evidence an evolution. And he also lets us play with the bat man, of course.

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Although the grace, despite focusing on villains of recognized fame and ending up climbing over 200 characters to choose from, consists in create our own bad bad, an avatar with which to go out and do the hooligan around the cities. Basic starter, but with a growing variety of outfits and super powers to customize it as we play and unlock them. Because that’s what LEGO was all about, right? To imagine our own adventures. Sometimes you might want to use an established hero (or villain) and follow the lead, but other times not so much…

LEGO City Undercover

…And that is exactly why we close the list with LEGO City Undercover, the only one included that does not is based on a license like DC, Marvel, Star Wars and company. Only LEGO, which is not little. Although not for that reason miss the opportunity to wink at countless movies or even games. Because this title was a twist to the concept of sandbox made popular by Grand Theft Autoonly from the other side: in City Undercover, we have a city (based on San Francisco) to explore, drive and complete dozens of missions, but from a police point of view and not the gangsters that usually star in Rockstar games.

It is therefore also a polar opposite of LEGO DC Super-Villains, although that does not detract from its appeal. Not relying on famous names, on having to turn every place, every task, and every character into a reference to something familiar, gives you another leeway to express yourself on your own terms. To simply be a fun and varied open world action adventure, hooked by its activities and mechanics, not by the pull of collecting and controlling toys. And although he already has a few years behind him, he is still one of the best LEGOs at it.

Of course there is no shortage of police chases and arrests, but as the word Undercover forward, Chase McCainretired police officer returning to work to tie up loose ends, You must go undercover as an undercover agent and perform missions for criminal gangs as part of your investigation. And while there aren’t hundreds of characters to choose from here, there are more than a hundred vehicles (for driving by land, sea and air) and costumes and trades (police, firefighter, farmer, thief, even astronaut) used to activate different skills both in the linear phases and in the open field. So it won’t be for lack of options.