Instagram will let you use other Reels as a template for yours

Meta is putting a lot of emphasis on the vertical video format. The company is focusing its efforts on getting TikTok users to stay on the app. But there are many who stay in the app because they like it and for them there is also a reward for their loyalty with the arrival of new functions like the new templates for the Reels.

What are Reel templates?

One of the coolest features that TikTok has is audio sync. This allows you to change from scene to scene at the rhythm of the audio you have chosen, a very interesting function so that the videos come out of ten. Instagram users do not have anything similar, so if they want to do it they will have to go to the Chinese app and download the video later even if the watermark is visible.

But in Meta they want this to improve and that users do not depend on third parties for this task. This may be why they are working on a feature to which they have called templates, or templates as it appears in the tweet of the developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

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As you can see, the application displays a function in which it divides the video into different parts, which will be cut every time the time limit is met. This will greatly help all content creators who want to imitate a specific Reel so that at least in terms of time they have just enough time to create their own version of the video they want to make.

There is still a lot of time to know when this feature will arrive in the final version of the app. In addition, the tests have been done from an iOS device, so it also remains to be seen if Meta plans to advance this feature to iOS devices compared to Android devices this time

New tools to fight against TikTok

It is true that the Chinese app has many followers in the world and that it has been able to sneak into the smartphones of many users in order to offer another source of entertainment to the world. Those who haven’t fallen yet may do so soon and install the app, but it is true that initiatives such as Reels can serve to keep users within the multimedia apps that already exist, such as Reels or Shorts of Youtube.

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