LEGO reveals the strangest Star Wars set ever celebrated on May 4! (Pictures)

LEGO introduced a bizarre new set of Star Wars to celebrate May 4th. Franchise Star Wars became a multimedia juggernaut thanks to one of the first campaigns of merchandising led by the creators of film history. Although plastic construction toy company LEGO didn’t officially get involved with the franchise until 1999 to promote the release of the prequel trilogy, the two brands forged a strong relationship that has continued to this day. Today, LEGO allows fans to recreate many of the most popular characters, locations and especially ships from the movies. In fact, their partnership has extended beyond toys and into its own mini-franchise which includes video games. Lego Star Wars and animated short and feature films.

May 4th is Star Wars Day!

May 4 has become an unofficial holiday of Star Wars because of the pun” May the 4th be with you “which resembles the famous replica of the franchise” may the force be with you ” (may the force be with you, in French). Although the day has been celebrated by fans more or less since the beginning of the franchise, Disney has officially observed the fan holiday since 2013. Their celebrations usually include exclusive productsfrom events theme parks and raw special streaming bonus material Star Wars like the documentary series Disney Gallery : The Mandalorian . On a particularly robust Star Wars day in 2021, Disney+ premiered the all-new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch .

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In honor of May 4, 2022, LEGO however, creates a surprise with these last sets. Their big ticket item is a set where customers can recreate Luke Skywalker’s iconic landspeeder, but there are two additional lines for fans on a bigger budget. The first prize is a LEGO AT-ST walker, which is another common type of vehicle presented in LEGO form. However, the next price point is where things get really interesting: the kitchen of the Lars family. The set features Luke’s Aunt Beru hard at work in her kitchen on Tatooine. Check out full photos of the sets in question below:

A wink for the fans!

While the set is admittedly peculiar, it makes total sense that the scene would eventually be recognized in the LEGO canon. The Lars family kitchen is where blue milk is introduced to the universe of Star Wars , an element of the franchise that has become something of a running gag for fans. Fans’ obsession with blue milk was even mentioned in a particular scene of The Last Jedi where Luke milks an alien and drinks the colored drink in front of Rey in an attempt to scare her away.

If anything, it’s a bit of a surprise that this iconic moment for fans does not have previously commemorated. However, LEGO has clearly rectified that with this fun new promotion. This special offer Star Wars only lasts from May 1 to May 8, 2022so fans who want to own one of the most unique LEGO sets in franchise collaboration history will definitely want to mark their calendars.

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