Leonardo Aguilar, partner but above all Angela’s brother: “I support her”

Since Angela Aguilar Y Gussy Lau publicly confirmed, through two videos, that they had a courtship, neither of the two artists has spoken again on the subject and those who do on a daily basis are their followers, the same ones who want to know if the couple is still after the scandal with your relationship. The youngest of Clan Aguilar He recently returned from a vacation with his family in France, while the composer is on a silent cure.

Once Gussy Lau admitted in a video that was broadcast through the media that he was in a relationship with Ángela Aguilar -after photos of both in affectionate attitudes were leaked-, the criticism about the age difference between one and another fell like an avalanche, especially on social networks.

However, Lau, 33, and Ángela, 18, have shown that they do not care. What has bothered them is the filtering of the photos and the media coverage of their private life. “I feel violated, violated”Angela Aguilar said in a video that she posted on her Instagram the day after Gussy Lau confirmed that they were dating.

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After family vacations in Paris, the entire Aguilar family, with Don Pepe at the head, landed in the United States to continue the singer’s tour, “Mexicana Enamorada Tour”. There, both Ángela and her father, as well as her brother Leonardo, agreed to talk to the press.

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Leonardo Aguilar, also a singer and who has worked on compositions with Gussy Lau, was consulted by Despierta América, from Univisión, regarding the courtship of his younger sister and his colleague. “I adore and love Angela with all my heart. I will always be on the side of my family, I will always want the best for her. Whatever decision she makes, I want her to be okay.”commented.

Angela has received the support of her entire family.  Her father and her brother have already spoken (Photo: Ángela Aguilar / Instagram)
Angela has received the support of her entire family. Her father and her brother have already spoken (Photo: Ángela Aguilar / Instagram)


Given the insistence on which side he would take sides, Leonardo Aguilar was emphatic: “I am always Angela’s team, since before this, after this, during, I will always be by Angela’s side.”

He also pointed out that this type of relationship -due to the age difference- is not something unusual in the family environment. “It is the first time that you have heard of something like this, but it is not the first time that it has happened in the family, but rather that it has simply been handled on the personal side”assured.

Regarding what he thinks of Gussy Lau’s actions in all this mess, Leonardo Aguilar avoided making personal assessments. “One thing is the work I did with him as a songwriter and whatever happened afterwards. I wrote a lot of songs with him, but that’s the work side and it has nothing to do with the personal “he pointed out.