Wordle in Spanish: clues for today’s word. What is the solution to challenge 107?

It’s Easter and Wordle reaches his 100th challenge. What better way to celebrate than playing from the beach, the mountains, your town or your city on these days of rest? You have 6 attempts to guess the daily 5-letter word in this free viral game for all audiences. And if you are left wanting more: you can also play their alternative versions. Here are the keys to solving the puzzle in as few shipments as possible:

Tricks to Guess Wordle’s Daily Challenge Word in 6 Attempts

  • Test words with many vowels to detect their presence and position.
  • Relocate the letters in yellow, keeping the ones that have come out in green.
  • Vocalize the possible words that you have in mind.
  • Discard the words that contain letters that have already appeared in gray.
  • The most frequent consonants in our alphabet are: N, S, M, L, R.

Solution for Wordle challenge 107 on April 23, 2022

The following 5 clues will help you find the solution for today’s word:

  1. The word does not have the letter S
  2. does not have repeated letters
  3. Start with a consonant and end with a consonant
  4. There are 2 vowels and 3 consonants
  5. Exercise a constitutional right
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What is today’s word in Wordle?

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