Twitter begins to test the subtitles in its videos

In recent years, watching videos in a language that is not your own has become popular. To consume everything is as simple as pressing play if you are one of those who understand everything they say, but many will miss the subtitles inside the player. Unfortunately, unless the video was from an external source, Twitter had no way to put subtitles and it seems that it will finally put this feature in the hands of users.

Twitter finally tests the subtitles in its videos

For many, Twitter is a social network that cannot be used for a long time due to the toxicity that many claim it has. And it seems that some users are there for the sole purpose of annoying, while others are much more human and share fun content or simply show the world.

But we are going to focus on those who do good and want their content to also be seen on the little bird’s social network. For all of them, there are finally more possibilities to reach more users despite the fact that they do not understand the original language and all thanks to the new function that the company of Jack Dorsey and 10% of Elon Musk is testing.

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It turns out that today he has shared the information of the support account that is testing the new function to add subtitles to the videos that are uploaded to the platform. Everything indicates that what has been seen on other multimedia platforms has been taken as a model, where with a simple touch on the button that has two Cs you can change the language of the video in the texts that appear at the bottom of the device or by putting the native language.

However, there is no data aimed at solving this question, but the company has made it clear where it has started to test this new function. And it is that users of an iOS device can already access this feature. For all those who carry the Android operating system, we will still have to wait, but it is interesting to know that the company tries to offer more accessibility options to its users.

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