How to buy Renfe tickets at 15 euros for AVE and Long Distance

AVE stands for Spanish High Speed. And the first line as such that we had in Spain was inaugurated on April 21, 1992, the year of Expo 92 in Seville. Three decades ago high speed was born in Spain, and to commemorate it, Renfe launches this weekend a promotion of more than 100,000 AVE and Long Distance tickets at 15 euros.

Buy AVE tickets at 15 euros in Renfe

Like any promotion, the ticket is subject to certain requirements:

  • The tickets of this promotion are for travel in the three summer months, between July 1 and September 30in all national destinations.
  • Tickets are for trains AVE, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity
  • The period of the offer only lasts from April 22 to 24 (this weekend, from today Friday to Sunday)
  • In the purchase of tickets, the series complements of the Basic option will be allowed: Changes and cancellations of Choose level, Changes and Cancellations of Premium level, Seat selection, Bicycle and Pet.
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better the app

To get one of these tickets, you just have to go to the Renfe website and… be patient, because obviously this promo has attracted a lot of people, and it is normal to get into a huge online queue and a message telling you that you have more 150,000 users ahead of you and you must wait an average of 50 minutes or more.

The trick? Use the Renfe mobile app. As the company itself has said on Twitter, In the mobile application there is much less waiting time and the procedures are faster, so we leave you here the link to the web and to download the app if you do not have it.

Renfe website

Download Renfe app for Android

Download Renfe app for iOS