Edge will let you select the default search engine again

Microsoft Edge is one of the options that you should not lose sight of if you want to browse the Internet. The Redmond company has known how to put past errors before it and has managed to put some of the most interesting software on the market and it doesn’t stop updating it in order to present a better option even than Google Chrome. And in a display of successman more users will make it easier to select a new search engine.

Edge will finally let you select the search engine

One of the things that many users have blamed Microsoft for is how ‘special’ it is. By this we mean that those from Redmond will try by all means that you use only their applications for your day to day, the golden dream of any software developer.

However, with so many options on the market, it is normal for everyone to use their own options, more so if there are somewhat better ones or because they use them out of habit. And it seems that little by little it understands how important it is that its users have many options to customize their experience without having any restrictions.

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And maybe that’s why the Redmond company is back with ‘reforms’ in its browser as they say in Redditwhere it seems that the Canary version of Edge will give you back the ability to choose the search engine that the browser has by default. The system uses Bing, but as you know there are many other sources of information on the Internet such as DuckDuckGo or Google to give two examples of the most used today.

As we told you, the feature is working through Edge Canary, a version that is in the browser testing phase. It is possible that in the not too distant future we will see this feature in operation, although it is still a matter of time before the company launches it in the final version.