The new AMD Ryzen Pro chips will give your laptop up to 30 hours of battery life

The world of computers is very complex and everything ends up depending on the devices with which they are built. Of course, this also affects the price, since

the more quality and capacity each component has, the more it will cost you. But if the price is not a problem, you may bet on the latest of the latest and if you soon think of buying a laptop, you should bear in mind that AMD proposes more autonomy in the Ryzen Pro series.

The AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 will give a range of 30 hours

AMD is a company as loved as it is hated in the world of computing. For many it is the perfect option if you do not want an Intel processor in your machine. The truth is that in power they have nothing to envy their rivals, but much less in price. And it is that the company, even if you need to put a certain motherboard, are cheaper than their competitors.

However, it is also the center of many compatibility problems. If the necessary updates are not available, the rest of the components may have an error, which is why some users end up giving up. We hope that these common and generalized errors by users do not transcend in the future of AMD and less with the arrival of the new Ryzen Pro 6000 series.

The company has recently presented its new batch of chips that manage all the information on a computer, but this is not the only thing they do. In the end, they are the ones who decide the top of the device’s features and what they are able to maintain and in this case it seems that AMD has paid the attention it deserves to the notebook market. So much so the company promises in the devices where its chip is installed up to 30 hours of autonomy. This is a long time compared to today’s laptops though, as always, it all depends on how users use the machine.

The new APUs

If you don’t understand computing, and less about processors, you should know that there are chips that contain more than just the processor. This happens in mobiles, where the term SoC or System on a Chip is used, which means that the processor contains a large number of components necessary for the operation of the machine.

In this case, Ryzen Pro 6000, designed for laptops, are considered APU. It means that they also have in their interior the graphic section that, on this occasion, is based on the 6nm Zen 3+ architecture combined with the latest RDNA 2 graphics, so it will have a very acceptable power for all kinds of tasks.

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