Soon you will be able to reject all Google cookies

All Internet users face a small barrier that prevents them from fulfilling the purpose of their navigation. We are talking about the warning about cookies that is no longer missing on any self-respecting web page. Some users go beyond complicating their lives by taking a look at all the data that these pieces of software are capable of collecting, while others are more fussy and prefer their stay on the web to go as unnoticed as possible. But in Google this was not the case and, finally, European users will have the possibility to reject all browser cookies.

Rejecting Google cookies will be much easier

For some time now, Google has been warning users that its pages are capable of collecting the data you generate during your stay. This also happens in many webs that you visit throughout the day, where you will have to accept the terms of the cookies, or not, to have access to the web.

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It’s up to you if you accept all of them, but soon you won’t have to worry about whether or not you press many buttons to deactivate them thanks to the function that the big G opens. The Mountain View company has confirmed that, according to what they say in Ghacks, which will put up a new cookie banner for Europe.

As you well know, from the Parliament they are very aware of the behavior of technology companies and especially of those that have a lot of Internet traffic. Of course, one of the most visited daily can not be an exception, less considering that it is a portal that generates millions in advertising and offers exclusive positions for those who are willing to pay for it.

Of course, neither the site nor any of those related to the firm are exempt from complying with the requirements of the Euro zone in regard to the processing of the data of all users. Hence, you have to make the necessary changes to make it much easier to reject cookies that are not necessary for user navigation.

Where will this feature be implemented first?

For now, this new modification of the Google and YouTube banner will be available in Europe. It seems that our French neighbors have been among the first to receive it and that soon we will see it in the rest of the countries of Europe as well as the United Kingdom and Switzerland.