Book Day 2022: the best eBooks and how to download books online by Sant Jordi

Saint George’s Day commemorates the death of this saint on April 23, 303, according to his fantastic legend after killing a dragon from whose blood a red rose was born, a rose that the knight gave to the princess who had to leave with the dragon.

Sant Jordi 2022

And because in 1995 UNESCO proclaimed the April 23 as World Book Day coinciding with the day of the commemoration of the saint, in regions such as Catalonia and the Balearic Islands there is a popular tradition that combines both commemorations, which is the origin of that men give a rose to women, and women give them books-the latter in commemoration of the death of important authors such as Shakespeare or Cervantes.

And although nothing replaces a physical and real book – the texture of the paper, the smell of its pages, an e-Book reader is a device that allows us to carry thousands of books and read them as comfortably as a real book. For this reason, and being today Sant Jordi 2022, here are several e-book readers that we recommend:

e-book readers

Kindle 10th Generation (2019)

One of the best alternatives, for 89 euros you have the 10th generation Amazon Kindle, an eBook reader with integrated front light, 6-inch high-contrast screen without reflections and 8GB to put literally thousands and thousands of books. The best thing, as it has been an Amazon house brand, is the battery of its e-readers, since a single charge gives you several weeks of use for the device.

Kindle 10th Generation (2019): €89

Kindle Oasis

We raise the bar as much as the price. In fact, almost 200 euros more to bring the Kindle Oasis, one of Amazon’s most complete e-book readers. We are talking about a 7-inch Paperwhite screen, adjustable warm light that allows you to change the tone of the screen from white to amber. And it’s also waterproof (IPX8 certified) so you can read in the bathtub or pool. With 32GB of internal space, the design includes two physical buttons for one-handed reading and a screen rotation system for left-handed readers.

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Kindle Oasis: 279€

PocketBook InkPad Color

The most expensive reader of what we bring you here, the PocketBook InkPad Color has the largest screen of all, 7.8 inches, touch and front lighting, up to 16GB of internal space and its most outstanding feature is that it is in color, with 16 levels of gray and 4096 colors. This gives the eBook additional advantages, since you can also use it for more artistic books, graphic novels, illustrated novels, comics, etc. The display is based on E-Ink Print Color ePaper color printing technology and offers the usual E-Ink-Display readability, being anti-glare even in sunlight.

PocketBook InkPad Color: 304€

Woxter E-Book Scriba 195 Paperlight

There are many alternatives to Amazon’s Kindle, and if you are looking for a cheap and effective eReader, here is the Woxter E-Book Scriba 195, with a 6-inch high-contrast screen, 4GB of space for more than 4,000 books and capable of reading formats e-Book Epub, pdf, fb2, htm, doc, txt, rtf, tar, tcr; etc / Other Formats: DRM and images (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG).

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Woxter E-Book Scriba 195 Paperlight: 79,99€

Kobo Clara HD

Another alternative to Kindles, the Kobo Clara HD includes a touch screen with ComfortLight PRO technology to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen. Gradually reducing exposure to blue light makes reading easier by reducing eye strain, so you can read comfortably at night before you go to sleep. It has an anti-glare touch screen, 8GB of internal space for more than 6,000 books and a battery that lasts weeks on a single charge.

Kobo Clara HD: 139€

Websites to download books

Do you read on your mobile, do you read on your tablet or do you have an eBook such as Kindle or another? Then you will love this, because on the Internet there are many websites that offer free book catalogs. And here you have compiled a few with lectures in Spanish and English, in which we assure you that there is enough material to read 2 or 3 lives.


Of course we start with the person who popularized digital reading, since for those who do not know, the giant of Internet sales began, selling digital books in 1995. If you have a kindle you can access the Kindle Store y download a lot of free full booksand also ‘demos’ of the most current works that include the opening chapters so you can decide after reading them if you want to continue or you didn’t like it.

Although you can also use the app to view them in other formats and enjoy their pool of over 1 million books.

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Hispanic Digital Library

A treasure trove of digital incunabula hides behind this URL managed by the National Library of Spain of the Ministry of Culture. You have documents historical, visual collections of painting, photography, historical atlases, engravingsclassic works, contemporary authors, singers, nautical charts, manuscripts… a gigantic et cetera as we see on your back, and with a final link to another web that we will see next.

House of the Book

One of the reference pages to buy physical and digital books in Spain, the Casa del Libro also has, like Amazon, its section of free manuscripts that we can read free of charge.

Project Gutenberg

Project born in the 70s, Michael S. Hart He proved to be a pioneer in terms of scanning works to create an electronic library that would preserve the knowledge of the world (yes, like Wikipedia but dedicated to books, manuscripts and works). To give you an idea, this website has more than 60,000 books that can be downloaded for freeand which add up to largest digital cultural archive in the world, with works from all countries, in all languages. Like the Hispanic Digital Library but on a global scale.

24 Symbols

Joining the new models to revive old businesses is always a good idea, and the 24 Symbols website offers a gigantic catalog of 500,000 literary works under a Freemium model. The platform has a large number of books to learn for free, and if you become Premium with a fixed fee per month of less than 10 euros, access to half a million manuscripts.