United States: She adds cannabis to the food at her wedding and makes her guests sick

A woman has been arrested in Florida (United States) for unknowingly slipping marijuana into the food served at her wedding banquet, local press revealed on Thursday. Accelerated heartbeat, paranoia: the dishes tampered with with the complicity of the caterer of the ceremony made many guests sick, requiring the intervention of the emergency services and causing the arrest of the bride and the person in charge of the restoration by Seminole County authorities.

The police went to the wedding of Andrew Svoboda and Danya Shea Svoboda on February 19. Douglas Postma, the groom’s uncle, noticed his heart beating faster and ‘crazy’ thoughts forming in his mind after consuming salad, pasta and bread, according to court documents.

His wife, who was in even more serious condition, had to go to the emergency room, the caregivers discovering THC, the psychoactive principle of cannabis, in her blood. A friend of the bride, Miranda Cady, who had also ingested bread with olive oil, thought her “heart was going to stop”, according to the same source.

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Miranda Cady then asked the person in charge of the meal, Joycelin Bryant, if she had added cannabis to the food, and she agreed. Danya Shea Svoboda and Joycelin Bryant are being sued for violating a Florida law related to food manipulation, negligence and supplying marijuana. They are due to appear in court in June, according to CNN.

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