Star Wars gives very bad news about The Acolyte

The Acolyte, one of the most exciting Star Wars series to come in years to come, offers fans a very troubling update.

As reported The Illuminerdithe production of The Acolyte has been delayed until next October. This series of Star Wars is one of the most ambitious, interesting and long-awaited products by fans of the galactic saga of Lucasfilm. Filming is expected to last approximately eight months, with anticipated completion scheduled for May 2023.

Meanwhile, efforts continue on the part of the studio to advance the casting. Star Wars is looking for two key characters to The Acolyte. The first of them is a Caucasian man, in his 50s, codenamed “Paul.” This Paul will be a regular character in the series, but only during the first season. There is also a listing for a black girl about 8 or 10 years old and codenamed “Miri.”

The influence of ‘The Mandalorian’ in this series

There have been no reports of creative issues related to The Acolyte, but this is the third time the start of filming for the Star Wars series has been delayed. This is quite worrying. Lucasfilm has reported no internal conflicts, so it may be a matter of timing on the studio’s part. The schedule is getting tighter because of the coronavirus. The saga has ahead the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi y Andornot to mention the television series of Ahsoka.

It is also unclear whether the production of The Acolyte will use the famous Volume technology that other Star Wars series have employed, which could actually mean much faster filming. The creator of the series, Leslie Headlandmentioned that The Mandalorian It will influence your project a lot, so maybe it will extend to filming techniques as well. We’ll see what ends up happening, but it’s a shame it’s been delayed so many times. Let’s hope nothing else happens…

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