Amazon will let you use Prime benefits on third-party websites

It is a fact that one of the reference sites where you can find everything you need is Amazon. The great Internet store, or at least one of them, has a lot of articles that any user can find as soon as they need it, but sometimes everything is not as easy as a click. For this, the firm is working to streamline the process to that you can use the benefits of Prime on third-party websites.

Amazon Prime available on other websites

One of the things that helps a lot to those who depend almost entirely on Amazon is its Prime program. It does not matter when you decide to pay, the point is to have this function to have access to faster deliveries, the visualization of all the content available in Prime Video and, of course, to have a free subscription to a Twitch channel with Prime Gaming, not to mention the rest of its benefits.

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But sometimes there are item providers that use Amazon as a warehouse to ship products quickly and with the peace of mind that they will arrive at the orderer’s door. At the house of the company led by Jeff Bezos they have thought about how they can be more competitive and it seems that they have come up with a very interesting solution.

This happens by putting a button on the websites of third parties to those who hire their services to pay with Prime. “Enabling merchants to offer Prime shopping benefits in their own direct-to-consumer online stores is an exciting next step in our mission to help merchants of all sizes grow their business.” This has been confirmed by the company in a press release.

In short, users will have the possibility of using the benefits they have if they are Prime beneficiaries, but this as long as users enable it.

You will have to pay to enable Prime payments

The flip side of this feature that Amazon plans to offer Prime payments on third party websites is that it is a paid feature. It’s not yet clear how much these item providers will pay, and the company has said that “Without a fixed subscription fee or long-term contract, merchants can expand selection or cancel at any time.”